Why I don’t make my bed (and scientists support me)

should i make my bed, why i don't make my bed

Bed making. Another recipe for success proclaimed by so many moms! While I love the idea of keystone habits, making my bed is not one of mine. I’m almost 100% sure (never say never) it’s not going to be.

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Primary.com Review: Simple Kid’s Clothing We LOVE

primary.com review, simple affordable kids clothing

I finally found a children’s clothing company that I LOVE. I love it so much that I will start transitioning as many of my kid clothing purchases here as I can possibly afford. And that’s a big deal in my frugal world. Let me tell you about Primary.com.

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How to Homeschool with Toddlers

how to homeschool with toddlers, how to homeschool with babies, homeschooling with toddlers

How to homeschool with toddlers. Ha! I laugh even as I type the title. I’ve read my share of blog posts on the subject. There’s a variety of opinions and approaches out there. So much depends on your homeschooling style and the personalities of you, your older children, and your toddler.

The personalities in our family, along with gender mix (girl, boy, boy, boy), create an overall dynamic that made homeschooling in this season challenging to begin with. And then baby grew into a toddler, making homeschooling even more difficult. Babies are the easy part, in my opinion.

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20 Frugal Living Tips You Can Completely Ignore (and still be frugal)

frugal living tips, frugal living ideas, how to be frugal

Frugal bloggers love to write articles like “15 Things Frugal People Don’t Pay For”. And for people who aren’t naturally frugal, but want to be, these can be super helpful. They’re the ones googling “frugal living tips”, after all. They really do want to learn how to be frugal, and those kinds of articles can get them started.

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8 Tips for Surviving Sickness in a Big Family (When Mom Gets Sick)

when mom gets sick, sick mom with a toddler,

Surviving sickness in a big family is no joke, especially when mom gets sick, too. I read a blog post once claiming that once you hit kid number three, the germs can make their way through every family member, cycle back and start again! Is it true? I’m not sure, but I do know that if you have more than three kids and sickness hits, you’re surely in for a long week (make that weeks).

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Cheap Useful Wedding Gifts: 16 Ideas for $20 or less!

cheap useful wedding gifts, minimalist wedding gifts, frugal wedding gifts

We recently received an invitation to a cousin’s wedding, which of course started the wheels turning: what could we find for a cheap useful wedding gift. Receiving wedding invitations is so different now from when we were a married without kids, dual income couple. Why? Attempting to find cheap useful wedding gifts can be a real challenge.

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Dollar Store Fridge Organization (for $5 or less!)

fridge organization cheap, refrigerator organization, dollar store fridge organization, how to organize the fridge for cheap

The fridge in our current rental house leaves a lot to be desired as far as fridge organization goes. The interior has three measly (awful) shelves and two drawers – there’s not even a deli drawer! Our last apartment was a brand new, luxury building: I was spoiled, for sure.

For months, I lived with a less than ideal, disorganized fridge, but I constantly misplaced items, forgetting about produce or leftovers until it was too late. I definitely needed fridge organization help but didn’t get desperate enough to figure out a solution until last week. I finally got fed up with wasting money and time and started brainstorming.

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