My Secret to Getting Brand New Clothes (more than $500 worth a year!) for FREE

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After our second child turned a year old, my husband and I realized we both wanted a big family. We loved seeing the personalities of each child blossom, seeing the fun and unique people God made them to be. With that realization, however, came the money doldrums.

Have you been there? When all you can see is one [small] income for years and years as far as you can imagine? I was committed to staying home with my kids, but stretch that out for years with multiple kids, and you start to wonder how the numbers are going to work out.

Our sources for hand-me-downs were drying up (why oh why did my daughter need to outgrow not one, but two kids a year older than her?!), and I knew I needed a sustainable way to get the majority of our clothes for less…much less.

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How to Work Consignment Stores like a Boss (and get clothes for free!)

consignment stores, how to sell clothes at consignment stores, are consignment stores worth my time

Consignment stores are often viewed as thrift stores’ pricier, slightly better dressed cousin, at least that’s how I used to see them. To me, they were cut from the same cloth, but then I started shopping both types of stores more regularly. The differences became obvious, once I stopped to consider where each store gets its inventory. And by understanding that difference, I discovered yet another way to get clothes for free!

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7 Tips to Building a Minimalist Child Wardrobe

minimalist child wardrobe, capsule child wardrobe, minimize kids clothing

Building a child’s wardrobe can be challenging, especially if you don’t have regular access to hand-me-downs or a wealthy grandparent who just can’t stop buying clothes for your kids. If you need to purchase clothing on your own and money is tight, you should definitely consider a minimalist child wardrobe.

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Kids don’t need overstuffed drawers and closets: in fact, too many choices can increase stress in your child’s life.  They can actually get by just fine (and thrive even!) on far fewer clothes than you think. To help you get started, I’m sharing my 7 best tips for crafting your child’s wardrobe.

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The Capsule Wardrobe: How to get started and why you need to

capsule wardrobe, affordable capsule wardrobe, thrifty capsule wardrobe, frugal capsule wardrobe

In a world chock full of choices at our fingertips, we parents suffer decision fatigue more than others because we make decisions for more than one person ALL. THE. TIME. Building a capsule wardrobe can help reduce decision fatigue. Capsule wardrobes also save money (which is the focus of this series), but the best part is they simultaneously save time and energy, and that’s what I’m all about here at this Simple Balance.

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