How to Successfully Shop for Second-Hand Furniture

how to shop for second-hand furniture, getting good deals on second-hand furniture

In our recent move, we got rid of a lot of our furniture.  I shopping for second-hand furniture at two thrift stores last weekend to see what I could come up with for our new family room space and the dining room.

Three hours later, I came home empty handed.

Part of me wanted to cry because I view shopping as a sad waste of time.  I’d rather be spending that time on a million other things.  At least if I put in the hours, I want there to be something to show for it.

But I took solace in the fact that while three hours for nothing didn’t seem like a win, it actually was.  I didn’t buy anything I didn’t love.  And by love, I mean, jump for joy that it will be in my home kind of love.

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Can you be a one-car family in the suburbs? Here’s how we make it work.

one car family suburbs

We are a family of six living in the suburbs of Raleigh. We have four kids, ages 7, 5, 3 & 1. We are defying the assumptions of suburbia, proving you can be a one-car family in the suburbs. Learn about our reasons for being a one-car family, and how we make it work.

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2 Reasons I Love my Target REDCard (#2 will surprise you!)

is the target redcard worth it, is the target redcard worth having

“Do you want to open a Target REDCard today and save 5% on all your purchases?”

If you’ve ever set foot in Target, you’ve heard this line at the checkout.  Most of us are so used to hearing it, that we don’t give it a second thought.  And if you already have existing store credit cards, you probably decline the offer…again and again and again.

After all, 5% doesn’t sound like all that much. Most people decline after the first sentence, cutting the cashier off before he can list all the other card benefits.

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