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My name is June.  I live in North Carolina with my husband and our four children (7, 5, 3, and 1-year old with hopefully more to come one day).

I am passionate about helping parents who want to homeschool make their dream a reality.

I am homeschooling with four kids seven and under (one is just over a year old), and I know just how overwhelming caring for a growing family’s practical needs can be even without homeschooling in the mix!

Do you want to homeschool but don’t think you can? Are you picturing homeschooling as traditional school brought home, sitting at a desk – I mean, table – doing lots and lots of worksheets? Are babies and toddlers, dishes and laundry, finances, or lack of education experience stopping you from taking the plunge?

I know. I’ve been there.

You’ve come to the right place.

Lifestyle Change (Burnout-inspired)

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When I had my fourth child in January 2016, I knew something had to change about the way we did life.

I was overwhelmed, exhausted, frazzled.

I dreamed of homeschooling but could not fathom how I could make it happen.

Up until the summer of 2016, I tried to do it all.  I was meal planning, keeping the budget, shopping for all the best deals for EVERYTHING, cleaning morning, noon, and night it felt like.  I took the kids out almost every day, keeping a brutal pace that just wasn’t sustainable.

We were (and still are) a growing family living on a medium-sized single income with student loans still to pay off.  I thought saving money was the most important contribution I could make to our family.

I tried to be intentional with the kids, but I found that I was doing so much for them, when what I really longed to do was to spend more time with them.

There just never seemed to be enough TIME.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” -JRR Tolkien, the Fellowship of the Ring

You see, I move slowly…and I’ve come to like that about myself.  Maybe it’s just since having kids, I’m not sure.  But it just didn’t seem like my slow, plodding pace would ever allow for the family size I wanted and the values I held dear.

Enter Simple Living.

Simple, Intentional Living

But then I started reading blogs like The Art of Simple, Simple Homeschool, and The Lazy Genius, and read books like The More of Less, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World.

It occurred to me that maybe I didn’t have to keep an insanely crazy pace.  

Maybe I could simplify, move at my own slow pace.

Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing, despite what our culture says.

Maybe time was as valuable a resource as money, if not more so, and worth saving for the things that truly matter.

Maybe I could change the way I did things, even those things that “should” be done a certain way.

Maybe I could just STOP doing others altogether.

I finally had hope that my dreams of a big family and homeschooling could be a reality, and I didn’t have to drop dead of exhaustion to make it happen.

All the changes I’ve made in our life the past six months have made homeschooling possible (it’s challenging, but more doable than I thought!).  It’s allowed us to consider the possibility of more children (most days, anyways). I have time to parent intentionally, and rarely feel overwhelmed by the demands of life with young children.

Perspective Shift

Another major factor is how drastically my perspective on homeschooling has changed over the past six months. I started with a vague idea of what school at home should look like (and it looked a LOT like “real” school). I tried to replicate school at home and found myself failing miserably.

Through a TON of reading, I figured out that comparing homeschooling with traditional school is like comparing apples to oranges and that I needed a perspective shift.

My mission is to help parents design a lifestyle that supports and sustains homeschooling.

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