Welcome to This Simple Balance!

My name is June.  I live in North Carolina with my husband and our four children (7, 5, 3, and 1-year old, with hopefully more to come one day). I am a recovering perfectionist, a extremely relaxed homeschooler, lover of Jesus, and lifelong learner.

Why This Simple Balance?

As a homeschooling mom of multiple kids, finding balance can be tricky (and that’s without adding working from home!). Someone once said that when you wear this many hats, you can only do two jobs well on any given day.

When the house is clean, you probably didn’t spend much time homeschooling that day. When you rocked your homeschool with lots of read-alouds, games, and hands on activities and had a long awesome conversation with your husband, there are probably dishes in the sink when you go to bed.

To thrive over the long haul, you need to know yourself and your family well and figure out what works best for you. You need to think creatively, outside the box, finding the courage to leave behind everyone else’s “shoulds”.

I started this blog to share with you everything I do differently now in order to make homeschooling possible, enjoyable and sustainable for our whole family.

At This Simple Balance, you can expect:

  • Creative ideas for home organization and systems
  • Thoughts and advice for intentional parenting
  • Encouragement for finding your stride as a mom
  • Ideas for relaxed homeschooling in a big family
  • Ways to save money without tons of time and effort
  • Practicals for simple living and minimalism with kids.

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I’m a pretty simple gal. I always have been. I wear simple makeup, get the same drink every time I go to Starbucks (vanilla latte, no foam with whip), and watching Friends reruns with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s is my idea of a super fun, relaxing evening.

When I became a mom almost eight years ago, I thought I was simple. But with the kids came tons of stuff, on top of the stuff we already had. And with the kids came expectations, on top of the ones I already had.

Between the stuff and the expectations, it was harder and harder to do it all. I was doing so many things just because I thought I should, from spanking to cleaning every spare minute to keeping all the stuff to using boxed curriculum.

Finally, I realized that I could spend my whole life doing things just because I “should.” Or I could start figuring out what makes me and my family thrive and find the courage to do life differently.

When I finally stopped automatically adopting everyone else’s “should’s” and decided to find my own “why’s” for everything from parenting to homeschooling to home management, I finally loved motherhood.

I’ve discovered how to learn from everyone without automatically adopting everyone else’s system that is perfect for them. Some of the things I do are obviously someone else’s “should,” but I do it intentionally, knowing exactly why it’s the best choice for me and my family.

The ideas I share on this blog are the product of lots of questioning, processing and testing. I’m great at asking questions and thinking about a problem from every angle before deciding on the best way to solve it. The solution may not work forever, but it is perfect for who my family is right now.

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A Few (Random) Things about Me

1) I love Jesus. If you don’t, it’s o.k. A lot of what I share is pretty free from anything religious or preachy, and my reasons for homeschooling are more secular than religious.

But you should know that my friendship with Him and pursuit of Him is behind everything I do, and I often ask Him for solutions to my everyday problems and overwhelm. He sustains me on this big family journey.

2) I love coffee, except when I’m pregnant. I know, it’s number two after Jesus. What can I say?

3) I love talking educational theory and philosophy. People who love talking about How Children Learn and rethinking how we do education are my jam.

4) I hate bugs. I scream around bees and spiders and huge ugly millipedes. I know I shouldn’t, and I’m teaching my kids to be scared of bugs, but I just. Can’t. Help it.

5) I studied Deaf Studies, American Sign Language, and Guidance Counseling in college. In fact, I have a master’s degree that I’ve never “used” and we are still paying for. I’m sure it’ll come in handy one day.

6) I am naturally a strong “J” on the Myer’s Briggs scale, but my husband is showing me the surprising benefits of being a “P”.

7) I’m a borderline introvert/extrovert, quite possibly an ambivert. The number of kids we have and my husband’s extreme introvertedness push me back and forth across the line, depending on the day.

8) I am a recovering perfectionist. You can’t tell because you often need to go from one extreme to the other to find balance.

9) I order the same coffee at Starbucks every time (a grande vanilla latte with whip, no foam). I love going to the same restaurants I already know I love and watching the same movies over and over. I pretty much avoid any new experience that could potentially waste my time, energy, or money. My husband tries to get me to branch out.

10) I sing when I’m trying not to yell. The kids all know mommy’s trying not to be angry singing voice. It usually doesn’t help that much, and it sounds pretty ridiculous if I actually stop to listen to myself.

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