Why we don’t use “school” to teach hard work

Driving to the grocery store one evening, I tried to explain to my kids why daddy is so tired all the time. You see, my husband recently reentered the field of engineering after a six year hiatus.

For him, every day comes with a new set of challenges. He is re-learning constantly. It’s not re-learning the same things either. Each day, he encounters new programs, new problems, new state regulations, and he’s been at this for three months straight.

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Why homeschooling is not for everyone (and that’s a good thing)

what to do when your friends don't homeschool

Judgemental thoughts run rapid-fire through my brain.

“Why doesn’t everyone homeschool? I can’t imagine raising kids any other way.”

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Relaxed Homeschooling (A Day in the Life with a 7, 5, 3, and 1 year old)

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Inspired by the Day in the Life series over at Simple Homeschool, I’m sharing what a typical day looks like around here.

For all you moms out there considering homeschooling, I hope this encourages you that homeschooling is a lifestyle, and learning happens from the moment kids wake up until the minute their heads hit the pillow (literally).

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5 Ways We Teach Language Arts without a Curriculum

simple homeschool, affordable homeschooling, how to teach language arts, homeschool without curriculum

You don’t need an expensive curriculum to teach Language Arts in your homeschool.

When I first started homeschooling, I was so tempted to purchase a curriculum called All About Reading and All About Spelling to teach Language Arts. Each level cost more than $160 combined! With four levels each (this didn’t even include handwriting or writing!), I would have spent more than $600, and that’s just for one kid. 

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Developing Your Philosophy of Education (Before You Homeschool)

homeschool philosophy of education, what to do before you start homeschooling

“Why do we do this anyways?” Her brows furrowed with confusion.

I felt for my new friend who had been homeschooling for over a year now. I never stopped to ask the question myself until four months into homeschooling…when all the methods I thought would work just didn’t.

And without a good answer to that question, many people quit.

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How to Homeschool with just Picture Books

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I kept coming across the same concept over and over again. It’s the heartbeat of entire blogs, like the Read Aloud Revival and Simple Homeschool.

If all else fails, just read aloud.  

That’s it.

You don’t have to do anything else to consider your homeschool day a success.  If you read aloud to your children from any sort of book – a picture book, a chapter book – then you’ve succeeded.

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