Why moms should quit doing what they don’t absolutely love

“Make cookies, please, mama?” pleaded my two year old for the second time that week.

The horrible scraping sound of kids pushing stools across the kitchen floor.  The awful anticipation of kids surrounding me on all sides.

The stress of keeping three kids from dumping ingredients into the bowl unbidden, trying to remember whose turn was last so each kid got a chance to help.

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What if my child never changes the world?

I sit next to the tub, bathing my toddler. I gently lather soap over his baby belly and his chubby arms and legs.

My mind wanders to all the children in the world who know touch not as loving, kind and helpful, but as evil, greedy and rough.

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5 Baby Registry Essentials (from a mom of 4)

Making a baby registry for your first child can be like making a Christmas wish list as a kid…almost identical, in fact.

Baby Registries & Christmas Wish Lists

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Do you remember being given a Toys’R’Us catalog as a kid? “Go through and circle what you like,” our parents said.

Oh my goodness, THE BLISS.

Page after page filled with tantalizing, colorful toys. Fifty circles later, I handed it back to my parents, completely clueless about what I really wanted for Christmas.

Now, when my kids make Christmas lists, I take them with a smile and a nod. I secretly know that more than half the items will break or lose their appeal two weeks later.

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Dear Parent: You’re Not “Failing”; You’re Learning.

am i failing as a parent, what to do when I feel like a failure parenting

I open my inbox to find an e-mail from another blogger.

The subject line: “Am I failing my kids??” 

This Sunday, our pastor described a recent personal conversation he had with God about how he was doing as a father. “Am I failing my kids?” he desperately asked.

Yesterday, at the end of a particularly stressful day, I found those exact same thoughts running through my head.

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How one mom realized “I’m sorry” is not always enough

treating kids like adults

My then two-year old stamped his feet, screaming unintelligible words in protest!

All I had done was help him undress to get into the bathtub.  Simple. Innocent. Kind, even…unless you’re a two year old who has lately developed the desire to do everything himself.  

Minutes of frustrated dialogue ensued as I struggled to interpret through the tears and screams.  His speech is not awesome in the daily scheme of things.  Add a tantrum to the mix, and you’re pretty much playing an evil game of charades.  Plus with a baby that still wakes up at night, by bath time, I’m totally fried.  And having played interpreter all day long, I’ve got nothing when it comes to a understanding a tantruming toddler.  

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