7 Benefits of Minimalist Meal Planning

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Minimalist Meal Planning is a tool every mom should have in her meal planning toolbox. This method will not work for everyone long-term – not everyone loves to eat the same meals week after week.

But there are events like childbirth, deaths, and moves when you just need to not think about meal planning. Decision fatigue in these times is overwhelmingly high.

You need the ease of take-out without the cost. Minimalist meal planning can help!

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Overnight Oats: Making Mornings Easier {Recipe}

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Breakfast: the most important meal of the day, or so the doctors and scientists say.  Yet most of us do not give breakfast the attention it deserves.  If you are rushing through your mornings, you might think you don’t have time for breakfast (these overnight oats just might change your mind).

That’s certainly what I thought.

Most mornings, I threw back a couple cups of coffee (literally – when you have four kids, you drink it fast if you want it hot) and often didn’t feel hungry for breakfast.  The results showed around 10 a.m. – I was cranky and tired and hungry.

I knew I needed a better breakfast habit, but nothing thrilled me.  There was nothing I actually wanted to eat that didn’t require cooking, which was out of the question. So the occasional morning I managed to find a minute to scarf down something, I usually poured a bowl or cereal or grabbed a granola bar.

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