The Easiest Way to Create A Minimalist Meal Plan (& save your sanity!)

minimalist meal planning, how to create a minimalist meal plan

Inside: Use this simple method to create your own minimalist meal plan, something that will save you precious time, energy, and sanity! As busy moms, we have better things to do with our time (can I get an “amen”?!).

If you hate meal planning as much as I do, you are probably constantly on the hunt for a miraculous meal planning hacks. You scour Pinterest and Google searching for the meal planning magic bullet.

You want something – anything – that will make meal planning less of the massive time suck and hair-pulling experience that it is.

I’m pretty sure prior to discovering minimalist meal planning. I tried every meal planning system known to man. And no matter what the system, I still hated meal planning. I dreaded having to come up with 6-7 meals my husband and I would actually enjoy eating – he is picky eater, not me.

And after an hour or two of frustration, I would come up a meal plan.


Only to have to repeat the same awful process all over again a week later.


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7 Benefits of Minimalist Meal Planning for Busy Moms

minimalist meal planning, minimalist meal plan

Inside: Have you ever heard of applying minimalism to meal planning? There are so many surprising benefits If your family can tolerate eating the same meals over and over again, you will LOVE minimalist meal planning!

Minimalist meal planning is a tool every mom should have in her meal planning toolbox. This method will not work for everyone long-term – not everyone loves to eat the same meals week after week.

But there are events like childbirth, deaths, and moves when you just need to not think about meal planning. Decision fatigue during these times is overwhelmingly high.

You need the ease of take-out without the cost. Minimalist meal planning can help!

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100 Things to Do in the Fall with Your Kids (to make SURE they love it!)

things to do with kids in the fall

Inside: The ultimate list of things to do in the fall with kids. Bake, read, play, learn, create, decorate and more!

I’m from New England. At least, that’s where I spent the majority of my adult life. When I first set foot on my college campus fourteen years ago, I had no idea that part of living in Boston would mean falling head over heels in love with fall!

It’s almost like a religion.

In New England, people love fall almost as much as Christmas (o.k., maybe as much?). September 1st rolls around, and the scarves, boots, and vests come out – regardless of the temperature. We count down the days until the Pumpkin Spice Latte returns to Starbucks, and if you haven’t gone apple picking you haven’t lived!

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The Fastest Way to Plan Your Meals (10 Minutes or Less!)

Inside: How to plan your meals without crying every single week. This cheap and easy online meal planning tool makes meal planning and grocery shopping a breeze!

Meal planning is the worst, isn’t it? Everyone in your family HAS TO EAT, three (or more) times a day. How dare they ask for food again?! Their constant demands seriously tempt me to call a family-wide, week long fast. I’m joking…but kind of not.

I used to love meal planning. Every week, I spread out my cookbooks and grocery store flyers and coupons all across the kitchen table. I would spend hours curating the perfect weekly meal plan that saved tons of money and that everyone would actually enjoy.

Maybe you too loved meal planning once upon a time. But a couple of kids later, I’m guessing it’s now one of your least favorite tasks. Even if you hate it, you know you need meal planning to save your budget from the Chick-fil-a drive thru every other night.

Meal planning: it’s a love-hate relationship.

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