Why I don’t make my bed (and scientists support me)

should i make my bed, why i don't make my bed

Bed making. Another recipe for success proclaimed by so many moms! While I love the idea of keystone habits, making my bed is not one of mine. I’m almost 100% sure (never say never) it’s not going to be.

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4 Steps to Winning with Laundry

Nothing builds up faster in a family with small children than laundry (except perhaps dishes). Developing a laundry routine is essential to saving money on clothes.

When I had my first baby, laundry was overwhelming. It probably didn’t help that I did not have a washer and dryer in the house. Lugging laundry to the laundromat each weekend (we were a one-car family back then too) quickly got old, but I have to admit, the whole process went much quicker having several washers at my disposal and no choice but to focus on a single task (multi-tasking is a myth, in my opinion).

Four kids later, I’ve finally found a laundry routine that works for me, and it looks completely different than when I started this parenthood journey.

But the real question is: why start a series on saving money on clothes with all this laundry talk?

Because it all starts with laundry.

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5 Steps to clearing kitchen counters in record time

clearing kitchen counters, how to clear counters quickly, how to clear counters faster

Half a small ziploc bag of goldfish crackers. That was all. Half a bag of goldfish was slowing me down, decision fatigue stopping me from clearing kitchen counters.

I stood there staring at the bag, paralyzed, for more than two minutes. What to do with it? I wasn’t sure how long it had been sitting there, or which of my four kids picked at it earlier that day.

But it was just one thing. One. On a counter covered with stuff.

If I took this long with every item, I would spend all day just clearing kitchen counters. 

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