Why I Don’t Make My Bed (and scientists support me)

why i don't make the bed

Inside: Ever feel guilty for not making your bed? Here’s why I DON’T make my bed, completely guilt-free.

Bed making. Another recipe for success proclaimed by so many moms!

While I love the idea of keystone habits, making my bed is not one of mine. I’m almost 100% sure it’s not going to be.

But I try to never say never.

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4 Simple Steps to Fighting Laundry Overwhelm

Inside: Laundry builds up so fast when you have a family of little kids! Get 4 simple steps for fighting laundry overwhelm in a way that fits your personality.

Nothing builds up faster in a family with small children than laundry (except perhaps dishes). Developing a laundry routine is essential to saving money on clothes.

When I had my first baby, laundry was overwhelming. It probably didn’t help that I did not have a washer and dryer in the house. Lugging laundry to the laundromat each weekend (we were a one-car family back then too) quickly got old, but I have to admit, the whole process went much quicker having several washers at my disposal and no choice but to focus on a single task (multi-tasking is a myth, in my opinion).

Four kids later, I’ve finally found a laundry routine that works for me, and it looks completely different than when I started this parenting journey.

But the real question is: why start a series on saving money on clothes with all this laundry talk?

Because it all starts with laundry.

Note: This post was the first in a series on saving money on clothes. You can get all 7 posts in one 52 page e-book as a free gift for my e-mail subscribers. Simply subscribe below, and you’ll get your copy!

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How to Stop Obsessing Over a Clean House

should I stop cleaning my house, obsessive house cleaning, how to stop obsessive cleaning, cleaning the house big families

Inside: During certain seasons of motherhood, the clean house falls by the wayside. If you are struggling to let go of your clean house expectations, follow one mom’s journey to stop obsessing over a clean house.

I just came across yet another weekly cleaning schedule, one I haven’t tried (this is actually astonishing). I give it a shot. Maybe this will be the one.

Monday is great: I cross my daily cleaning task off the schedule with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This is totally doable. Yes! A cleaning schedule that works!

But now it’s Tuesday.

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