Everything You Need to Start Your Paperless Kitchen

paperless kitchen products, unpaper towels, going paperless

Inside: What paperless kitchen products do you actually need? This master list of paperless kitchen products will help you get started on the right foot!

Now that you know why a paperless kitchen makes your mom life easier, and the best tips to start your paperless kitchen, it’s time to talk products.

What paperless kitchen products do you actually need?

The only thing on my mind last summer when I got this crazy idea was paper towels. We needed to ditch the paper towels, or at least cut down significantly on the quantity we ripped through every week.

But once I entered the whole new world of green living, I realized that a paperless kitchen was SO MUCH MORE than just unpaper towels. 

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14 Things We’re Not Buying to Make Ends Meet

Inside: When you need to make ends meet (and avoid acquiring more debt), you find any way you can to cut costs. Here’s a growing list of things we aren’t buying right now to make ends meet – from the trivial to the really inconvenient!

Crunching the numbers every month and trying to find new ways to make ends meet gets old after a while. As much as I appreciate a new year bringing new possibilities, it also brings not so fun things like insurance hikes and higher internet bills.

With expenses increasing faster than our income, I (along with thousands of other American families) am always looking for new ways to cut costs. But as we search for new ways to save money, often we just need to do the hard things, like making inconvenient sacrifices for a few months, or even years.

You might not learn anything new from this post, but sometimes it helps to know that you’re not the only sacrificing to make ends meet.

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How Minimalism Can HURT Your Budget

a downside to minimalism, minimalist consumer

Inside: Minimalism promises freedom from consumerism. But what should you do if instead of setting you free, minimalism makes it worse?

The kitchen displayed so perfectly in the photos was divine. The clutter-free marble countertops (granite, maybe?), called to me.

I couldn’t help but glance around my own kitchen with dismay. 

The blogger mentioned the few items surrounding her sink, one of which was a simple human soap dispenser. The second I saw it and read what she loved about it, I knew.

I wanted that soap dispenser – two of them, actually: one for dish soap and one for hand soap. They looked both functional and beautiful, something I look for specifically in anything I buy for our home, new or second-hand.

I hopped over to Amazon right away and was SOOOO close to clicking “add to cart”…until I stopped to do the math.

I realized that together, they would cost $30.

Thirty dollars. Not that big a deal, you say.

Well, it is a big deal when that thirty dollars is about half the wiggle room you have in your budget every month.

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5 Essential Tips to Starting Your Paperless Kitchen

how to start a paperless kitchen, unpaper towels, zero waste, minimalism
Inside: If you’re trying to start a paperless kitchen and you have a young family, you NEED these tips to help you get started – especially tip #5!

When I started our paperless kitchen five months ago, I was a total paperless newbie. I also had a serious paper towel habit that needed to be broken ASAP.

These tips come from a mom who is not all that green and just decided on a whim that a paperless kitchen would be a fun challenge (ha! like I don’t have enough going on between homeschooling and working from home).

Prior to starting this experiment, we were going through a roll of paper towels every 3-4 days and at least one sponge a month, if not more.

If you are feeling nervous about switching to a paperless kitchen, these tips will help that apprehension dissipate! I didn’t think I’d last a week when I first started, and here I am five months later helping you start yours.

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Why Every Mom NEEDS to Try the Paperless Kitchen

Inside: Do you wonder why on earth any mom would want to switch to a paperless kitchen, especially with messy kids? Learn four compelling reasons from a mom who felt the same way – and now LOVES it!

This summer I got this crazy idea in my head to try a paperless kitchen. With four small kids who make A LOT of messes every day, I wasn’t entirely sure my paperless kitchen experiment was going to be a success.

So why, then? I think I needed a tangible, finished achievement – something so rare in motherhood. I wanted to check a box that didn’t need to be checked again. Oh, and we were out of paper towels <sheepish grin>.

It seemed like as good a time as any to go paperless!

Turns out, a paperless kitchen (even with kids) is much easier than I anticipated!

If you’re a paperless newbie, this series of three posts will give you everything you need to start your paperless kitchen

If you still need persuading that a paperless kitchen is worth doing, in this first post I’m going to let you in on the surprising benefits of a paperless kitchen that I discovered only after I jumped in with both feet!

And they have nothing to do with saving money.

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How to Stop Shopping: 10 Steps to Finally Break the Habit

how to stop shopping, how to stop buying stuff

Inside: Have you tried to stop shopping in the past and always returned to your bad shopping habits within a few short weeks or months? Learn how you can break the habit for good, so that you can eventually start shopping again, but this time, with intention. 

Christmas is over. You would think we’d all be shopped out by now, but no, oh no.

We can’t stop shopping. Not yet!

Because after the pre-Christmas sales come the after-Christmas clearance sales…

Consumerism Makes It Oh, So Difficult to Stop Shopping

I went to Target for groceries the day after Christmas, and oh.my.goodness. The sales were so tempting!

Even as a minimalist, I peeked at the marked-down LEGO sets in the toy aisles and seriously contemplated buying them (as if my kids need more LEGOs when they just got sets for Christmas!). It took some serious self-control to put them back on the shelf.

The marked down Christmas décor caught my eye, too. We had to give away Christmas décor when we moved long-distance years ago, and with that décor went our stocking hangers. And we need stocking hangers, right?

No, no we don’t need them.

And what about after the “after Christmas sales”? Now all the stores have started advertising their sales on organization products: bins, baskets, and tubs, galore to organize all that stuff you bought before and after Christmas.

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Where to Start Decluttering (When You’re Too Overwhelmed to Start)

how to start decluttering

Inside: Are you wondering where to start decluttering? Learn why this room is the BEST place to start decluttering, and exactly how to declutter it with super simple steps.

You finally turn the last page of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. You slam that cover shut and jump up off the couch. Look out, House: you are about to get a complete and total makeover!

…but then you get up off the couch.

You look around at your real, live, so NOT-Marie-Kondo house – the one with a husband and kids and SO MUCH STUFF, so much clutter! You immediately shut down.

Marie made it sound so simple, but she didn’t have to declutter this house, with these people. She was single when she wrote the book for heaven’s sake!

You’re so overwhelmed that all that information you just read goes straight out of your head.

You want to give up before you even start decluttering a single thing. Just forget it.

If that’s you, stop. Breathe. Block out the rest of your crazy house, and make a beeline to the bathroom.

Why? Because the bathroom is hands-down the best place to start decluttering, especially when you’re too overwhelmed to start.

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This Library Hack Will Save You Hundreds on Books

library hack, save money on books, get books for free
Inside: Love reading the latest books but hate paying for them? Bookworms everywhere will love this little known library hack that will save you SO much money on books!

If you love books, like I do, and you follow blogs that share the latest and greatest books, you’re probably itching to get your hands on those new releases. But for any number of reasons, you hesitate to click “purchase” after you add it to your Amazon cart.

Maybe you love physical books, but don’t want to clutter your bookshelf with a book you’ll likely never read again.

Maybe you’re living on one income, and your book budget is non-existent.

Maybe you just love being careful with your money and would rather borrow than buy yourself.

Maybe you homeschool, and if you bought all the books for your kids that you want to buy, you wouldn’t be able to pay for groceries!

I get it. Books are expensive, and I’d much rather let my library foot the bill for my reading habit (though we do chip in from time to time to pay off our rather large fines).

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The Fastest Way to Plan Your Meals (10 Minutes or Less!)

Inside: How to plan your meals without crying every single week. This cheap and easy online meal planning tool makes meal planning and grocery shopping a breeze!

Meal planning is the worst, isn’t it? Everyone in your family HAS TO EAT, three (or more) times a day. How dare they ask for food again?! Their constant demands seriously tempt me to call a family-wide, week long fast. I’m joking…but kind of not.

I used to love meal planning. Every week, I spread out my cookbooks and grocery store flyers and coupons all across the kitchen table. I would spend hours curating the perfect weekly meal plan that saved tons of money and that everyone would actually enjoy.

Maybe you too loved meal planning once upon a time. But a couple of kids later, I’m guessing it’s now one of your least favorite tasks. Even if you hate it, you know you need meal planning to save your budget from the Chick-fil-a drive thru every other night.

Meal planning: it’s a love-hate relationship.

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How to Stop Eating Out (& save money instead)

stop eating out

Inside: This simple solution will help you stop eating out and wasting hundreds of dollars every month.

Eating out. There’s nothing like the instant gratification of a delicious burrito from Chipotle, or a juicy chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a, or what used to be my favorite guilty indulgence – a grande vanilla latte, no foam with whip.

In college, I succumbed to the eat-out temptation over and over again, and I did it without giving it a second thought.

Fast forward to the baby years when we had to makeover our finances so we could afford to live on one income. We had to get serious about ditching our bad habit of eating out whenever we felt like it, along with tightening our belt in other budget areas like groceries.

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