Nature Journaling for Kids: 10 Ideas to Try When They Don’t Love It

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Inside: Nature journaling for kids is a core component of the Brave Writer Lifestyle, as well as a Charlotte Mason Education. But what do you do if your kids don’t love it? Here are 10 things to try if your kids don’t love to nature journal.

My daughter’s homeschool co-op first introduced me to nature journaling. They modeled their in-the-making University Model School closely after a Charlotte Mason education, incorporating living books, copywork, narration, and nature journaling into the curriculum.

We purchased a nature journal at the beginning of the year, and my daughter drew a few beautiful drawings. The rest of the journal, however, remained empty.

When we transitioned to homeschooling on our own, I forgot about nature journaling. The few times I attempted to reinstate the practice were met with resistance. While my oldest loves all things art, the rest of my kids didn’t quite see the point of the exercise.

At the time, I was wrestling through my thoughts on unschooling versus relaxed homeschooling, forced learning versus natural learning, so I let it go. I didn’t want to force my kids to participate, and I was at a loss as to how to encourage nature journaling without pulling teeth.

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7 Easy Ways to Add Art Appreciation to Your Homeschool When You’re Not Crazy About Art

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Inside: Elementary homeschool art appreciation doesn’t need to be complicated and arduous, and you don’t need fancy (or expensive) curriculum. Get 7 easy ideas for adding art appreciation to your homeschool!

I could care less about art. There, I said it. While I do remember drawing as a child, I never drew for fun past my tween years, and I would never choose to spend my spare time going to an art museum. The art in our home is mostly my kids’ artwork, word art, and maps (which are probably considered a form of art).

But just because I don’t love art doesn’t mean my kids shouldn’t be given the opportunity to fall in love with art.

I’ve done enough reading to realize the value of art during childhood, both doing and beholding. A powerful quote from one of my favorite movies, Mr. Holland’s Opus, ultimately convinced me to make sure to include the arts in our homeschool.

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