The Best Way to Use Little Passports for Homeschool Geography

little passports homeschool geography curriculum

Inside: Learn how to build your homeschool geography curriculum on a Little Passports subscription using the Explore the World Digital Resource Guide.

We tried Little Passports for the first time two months ago. My kids loved getting their Little Passports delivery in the mail every month!

Because we received three months for free in exchange for a review, I had some time to evaluate whether or not we wanted to renew our Little Passports subscription.

I decided not only to renew for a whole year, but also to build our entire homeschool geography curriculum around Little Passports this year.

On its own, I couldn’t justify the expense, but another digital resource guide I already own pairs perfectly with Little Passports.

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Little Passports Review: Everything You Need to Decide

little passports review

Inside: Get an honest review of Little Passports from a homeschooling mom of four so you can know whether it will be a good fit for your family!

Our first Little Passports subscription box showed up in the mail two months ago, and the kids were jumping up and down with excitement.

What kid doesn’t love to get not just letters, but ENTIRE BOXES in the mail addressed to them?!

They tore open the box, eager to dive into the activities inside. They examined the shiny blue Little Passports suitcase, flipped through the pages of their new “passport”, and sat down together to start on the written activities inside.

They worked steadily through each activity, happily occupied for a good half hour.

What more can a homeschooling mom ask for?

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14 Easy Ways to Homeschool Geography without Curriculum

homeschool geography without curriculum

Inside: Incorporating geography in your homeschool doesn’t need to be difficult. Get 14 ideas for how to naturally teach geography without a curriculum.

Geography is one of those subjects that can easily get pushed to the back burner day after day, in public schools and homeschools alike. After putting so much effort into math, reading, writing, and maybe science and history, finding the energy to get to subjects like geography can be a real challenge for any teacher.

Studies consistently show that U.S. Students are terrible at geography (source). But raising kids who have a good grasp of geography doesn’t have to be hard – promise! Any parent can use these ideas to raise globally minded kids, ensuring that they have an excellent grasp of geography, homeschooling or not. 

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