An Honest Brave Writer Review from a Former Skeptic

brave writer reviews

Inside: Brave Writer reviews can be extremely polarized and confusing. As a new homeschool mom searching for a unique language arts curriculum, I read them and walked away bewildered, not knowing what to think. So what turned a former skeptic into a Brave Writer enthusiast? Read my honest Brave Writer review to find out. 

A few years ago, I decided to step away from the University Model school my daughter attended and brave homeschooling all on my own. As I was researching various curriculums, I focused my attention primarily on math and language arts.

All my daughter knew of language arts at that point was a phonics workbook she absolutely despised. I’m talking serious hatred: as in she would sit and stare out the window for 45 minutes instead of doing one page in that workbook.

I knew she needed something different, but what?

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The Best Homeschool Reading Curriculum for Reluctant Readers

best homeschool reading curriculum

Inside: The best homeschool reading curriculum for reluctant readers gives them hilarious and engaging stories they can read right from the start.

When your first child is an early and natural reader, your second child is automatically set up for very unfortunate, unrealistic expectations. If he doesn’t start reading right before his fifth birthday, you (or your husband, in my case) panic! You start scrambling for the best homeschool reading curriculum that guarantees it can turn a reluctant reader into a voracious one.

For the reluctant reader, many popular homeschool reading curriculums just don’t work. They all fail to provide the one thing that reluctant readers need most.

But there’s hope! I’m going to tell you about the best homeschool reading curriculum for reluctant readers – so simple, but so effective – that you’ve probably never heard of (you can thank me later!).

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The Number that Completely Changed How I Choose Read-Alouds in our Homeschool

how to choose read-alouds homeschool

Inside: Read-alouds in our homeschools are often dictated by book lists and curriculum. One number caused me to leave the beaten path and completely change how we choose our read-alouds.

Choosing the perfect read-aloud can feel like an awful guessing game. You do your research, get all the best reading treasuries, and listen to “the experts” who give you extensive lists of all the books you should read to your kids.

Some are great, but some of them are dreadful flops. They bore you, for heaven’s sake! No wonder your 7 year-old is yawning and distracted. You can forget having that meaningful conversation and connection you dreamed about.

Still, you persevere with your list, determined to finish every single one just because you should.

Can I tell you something? My year started with that same fierce determination, but after multiple “just ok” books, I realized something had to change. In my search for a new method of choosing read alouds, I came across one number that changed everything.

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5 Ways We Teach Language Arts without a Curriculum

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Inside: You can homeschool language arts without a curriculum, especially during the elementary years. Here are 5 simple ideas to get you started!

You don’t need an expensive curriculum to teach Language Arts in your homeschool.

When I first started homeschooling, I was so tempted to purchase a curriculum called All About Reading and All About Spelling to teach Language Arts. Each level cost more than $160 combined!

With four levels each (this didn’t even include handwriting or writing!), I would have spent more than $600, and that’s just for one kid.

As we’ve settled into relaxed homeschooling as our primary style, I’ve found several natural ways to incorporate learning into our daily lives. Learning can be so much fun, especially at the elementary school level. Why choose boring and tedious curriculum, when you can accomplish the same goals with simple, natural and fun methods?

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