30 Math Books for Kids: A Fun & Engaging Way to Teach Math

Inside: Math books for kids are perfect for teaching math concepts in elementary school. Children will not only understand the real-world applications of math, but they will also have a greater likelihood to develop math confidence. 

Math is the subject that most homeschool parents are scared to teach, even during the elementary years. Every other subject doesn’t seem that difficult. Well, except for grammar: I mean, how important is it really that kids know what a past present participle is?

To make matters worse, in traditional schools, the way math is taught seems to change very five years or so, at least in American schools. It seems that the leaders in American math education are constantly trying to find the magic bullet that will allow us to bridge the ever-widening gap between American students’ math scores and Asian students’ math scores.

All of these changes leave parents unsure of their ability to do even the most basic elementary math, let alone help their kids with math. The way math curriculum requires you to do math problems is no longer straight-forward or the way we were taught twenty-five years ago. I once attempted to tutor a second grader in math, and I literally had to teach myself every math lesson because the way the curriculum approached math problems was so foreign to me (yes – second grade math!).

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Life of Fred Math Elementary Curriculum: 10 Reasons to Love It

life of fred elementary math

Inside: Wondering whether Life of Fred math is a good fit for your family? This Life of Fred math review (elementary) will give you everything you need to decide for yourself (because it’s NOT for everyone).

If you’ve ever searched for Life of Fred math reviews, you know that extreme opinions abound, and those opinions are all over the map.

You’ll find gushing reviews from grateful homeschool moms: “My kids finally love math!!” You’ll also find horrified reviews: “You call this a math curriculum?! What homeschool mom in their right mind would use Life of Fred?!”

The reason reviews vary so widely is simple: Life of Fred isn’t the right math curriculum for everyone.

So how can you know if Life of Fred math is right for your family?

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How to Teach Math without a Curriculum

homeschool math, how to help kids love math

Inside: Want to raise kids who love math? Get 11 tips I use with my own kids who beg for math every single day.

Most American parents know how important math is. They also know that we’re behind almost every country when it comes to math scores in our schools.

How could the media let us forget it?

The powers that be in public education keep trying to change that: different curriculum, more testing, more drill, more homework, new approaches.

Is it working? Well, I guess we’ll know ten years from now.

While we know how important math is, a whole lot of American parents just plain don’t like math. Good old math: you can’t live with it, can’t live without it, right?

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Will every kid be a math rockstar? Probably not.

Will math in all its forms come easily to every child? No.

But I really believe that almost every child can appreciate math, and by changing the way we approach math in our homes from the earliest ages, some kids might even love it.

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