Minimalist Homeschooling for the Overwhelmed Homeschool Mom

Mother with two daughters on the beach

Inside: Are you an overwhelmed homeschool mom? Minimalist homeschooling can give you the tools to change that.

Last year, another minimalist blogger and I chatted about the directions I could take this little blog. She brought up that many minimalist families she knew also homeschooled and were looking for direction on how to apply minimalism to homeschooling.

She suggested that I help them do just that: create a course on minimalist homeschooling – how to use the basic principles of minimalism to calm the chaos that homeschooling can be when you’re trying to do all.the.things.

I hesitated for a long time because relaxed homeschooling is my primary homeschool style, and I wasn’t sure what I could really say about minimalist homeschooling.

But after thinking about it for over a year, I realized that I do apply minimalism to my homeschool. Once you start living a minimalist lifestyle, minimalism tends to seep into every corner of your life in a good way because it’s just that beneficial (especially for moms).

There’s no course coming anytime soon, but minimalist homeschooling has SO much to offer the overwhelmed homeschool mom, I couldn’t help but share as much as I can in one blog post.

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