How to Make Mom Friends (when you’re tired of trying)

how to make mom friends

When your first child is born, it’s fairly easy to make mom friends. There are groups designed just for that: like the ones your local hospital or community center coordinates for new moms. You check the birthday range set for each group, pick one, and enjoy regularly attending an event that you didn’t have to lift a finger to initiate, plan, or host.

Connection is easy, nearly effortless, right? You just had a baby; they just had a baby. The topics for conversation are endless!

Birth stories. Baby sleep. Swaddling techniques. Your choices are endless and fairly safe (unless you’re in a group that happened to attract moms who want to duke it out over breast versus bottle or schedules versus attachment).

Making mom friends was never easier. Fast forward five years to when it’s anything BUT easy. 

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35 Activities for Kids (for when you’re stuck at home)

activities for kids, stay at home

I love being a stay at home mom. I do. But sometimes, being stuck at home all day with four energetic kids can drive a woman crazy! Ironically, it’s easy to draw a blank just when you need several indoor activities for kids to choose from that don’t involve media.

You may be home all day because of sickness, babies needing naps, lack of transportation, or lack of money to spend on outings. Whatever the reason, I’ve put together a list of activities to make it easier for you on the days when you are absolutely out of ideas (and they’ve already watched way too much TV).

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Why moms should quit doing what they don’t absolutely love

“Make cookies, please, mama?” pleaded my two year old for the second time that week.

The horrible scraping sound of kids pushing stools across the kitchen floor.  The awful anticipation of kids surrounding me on all sides.

The stress of keeping three kids from dumping ingredients into the bowl unbidden, trying to remember whose turn was last so each kid got a chance to help.

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What if my child never changes the world?

I sit next to the tub, bathing my toddler. I gently lather soap over his baby belly and his chubby arms and legs.

My mind wanders to all the children in the world who know touch not as loving, kind and helpful, but as evil, greedy and rough.

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A Morning Routine for moms who can’t wake up early

mom wake up with your kids, moms who sleep in, moms when you can't get up early

Mom bloggers are big on having an early morning routine, and the supposed benefits of such a routine are so stinking attractive and convincing. “It will change your life,” they say. “You accomplish so much before your kids wake up, and you set up your day for success!” they say.

But what if you can’t? What if you’re just too tired?

I haven’t slept through the night in six years. I’ve been on the pregnant/nursing/pregnant cycle for eight years now, and I plan to stay on it as our family grows. I tried hard to train my body to wake up early, but I finally quit.

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Quitting Babywise Saved my Motherhood

babywise parenting, should i quit babywise

I like steps. I love plans. And I really love control. And sleep, did I mention sleep?

Babywise parenting seemed to fit my personality like a glove. I bought the book On Becoming Babywise, prepared to follow its advice with precision.  What could go wrong?

Only that babies could care less what book you read about feeding and sleep training.  

They just want you to figure out what they need and give it to them.

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The One Thing Parents Need to Stop Saying

when you feel like a parenting failure

One tantrum. One major misbehavior (the kind that ends up in the principal’s office or worse). One minute of lost self-control. Head in your hands, you ask yourself in despair, “Am I failing?”

It’s so easy as parents to feel like failures. But a failure mindset will NOT help us to be good parents. If you can make just one simple perspective shift, it will transform your parenting for good.

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How to Stop Obsessing Over a Clean House

should I stop cleaning my house, obsessive house cleaning, how to stop obsessive cleaning, cleaning the house big families

I just came across yet another weekly cleaning schedule, one I haven’t tried (this is actually astonishing). I give it a shot. Maybe this will be the one.

Monday is great: I cross my daily cleaning task off the schedule with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This is totally doable. Yes! A cleaning schedule that works!

But now it’s Tuesday.

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