How to Start a Mom Blog that Actually Makes Money

Inside: Have you heard that moms can make money blogging, but you have no idea where to begin? Get step by step instructions for exactly how to start a mom blog that actually makes money (many blogs don’t), along with information about blogging that I wish I had before I started.

Three years ago, I learned that you could actually make money blogging. One of my favorite mom bloggers mentioned in a random e-mail that she had finally learned how to earn a part-time income from home through her blog.

She started her mom blog as a hobby, having no clue it could pay her bills. Five years later, she consistently earns $2,000 a month.

Without her telling me it was possible, I wouldn’t be earning money blogging today. How I wish I’d known sooner!

It’s not too late to start a mom blog and make money from home.

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Should I Start a Blog? The Honest Truth About Blogging

the best resource for new bloggers

Inside: Have you ever wondered, “Should I start a blog?” Is that really a good idea? Get the honest truth about starting a blog and an affordable resource that can save you so much frustration if you do decide to start a blog.

“Should I start a blog?” As I pondered this question for the millionth time, I read my favorite blogger’s e-mail again, double checking the numbers following the dollar sign.

Wait. You can make how much money blogging?!

I already loved teaching friends helpful tips and tricks – from how you can afford to be a stay at home mom to parenting tips to homeschooling advice. Sharing the things that made my life easier came so naturally to me.

And I can get paid to do this? From home? On my own time?

Count me in!

Almost one year into this whole blogging thing, I’ve learned that yes, you can make money blogging.

I’ve also learned that it’s not as easy as it looks.

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Flexible Work from Home Opportunity for Moms

work at home mom

Inside: Looking for legitimate work from home options to earn extra cash as a stay at home mom? This flexible work from home opportunity may be a great fit!

When I first decided to homeschool, I didn’t think much about the long-term ramifications of that decision, particularly on our finances. But as I fell in love with homeschooling more and more, I started to think about the future.

With four kids (and maybe more one day), we were looking at a significant number of years stretching dollars. While it was doable for me to not earn any extra money for that long, we wanted to make headway on our student debt and dreamed of owning a house one day. And that wasn’t gonna happen for a long long time the way things were going.

Sometimes, living frugally can only get you so far. When you’ve exhausted all your frugal living options, it’s time to find creative ways to earn extra cash as a stay at home mom.

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