Hey dear friend – I’m June, homeschool mom of 5 (ages 10 – 1). I’ve been doing this whole homeschool thing for 5 years now.

Let me guess, you wanted to love homeschooling, but you actually hate it?

Like, hate homeschooling in a despairing, “I really wanted this to be as magical as everyone says it is, but its killing us” kind of way?

Your kids resist doing “school”.

You spend a lot of your time and energy coercing them to learn.

You’ve thought about sending them back to school more than once…in a month.

Heck, THEY are asking to go to school.

Homesechooling seems to be ruining your relationship with your kids, when everyone swore it would make it BETTER.

Does any of this sound familiar?

This used to be me. 

My days were full of battles, and kids not doing their work, and screams that they hate certain subjects that will not be named (hint: starts with an “M” and rhymes with “bath).

I wanted to love homeschooling.

But my reality didn’t line up.

That’s when I decided to pull out all the stops and try these 10 things, the things I’ll send you when you subscribe below. 

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I hope these 10 things help you as much as they helped me to turn our homeschool around to something I truly love.