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Inside: If you have had a c-section and want to have more kids, you’re probably asking, “Should I attempt a VBAC delivery?” Get one perspective on VBACs from mom of four kids who has had not just one successful VBAC delivery, but three.

We have four beautiful children. But when our first child’s delivery ended up as an emergency c-section, I asked the same question you may also be asking: “Should I attempt a VBAC delivery?” 

As I sit here typing away with my two-year-old asleep in my arms, I think, “Had it not been for my VBAC delivery more than six years ago, you might never have been born.”

I remember the day I decided with certainty to attempt a VBAC delivery, like it was yesterday.

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 Are you asking the question, "Should I attempt a VBAC delivery?" If that's you, you need to hear other mom's VBAC stories and get opinions on how to know whether or not a VBAC delivery is a good idea or not. #vbacstories #vbacdelivery

Should I Attempt a VBAC Delivery?

After enduring a late missed miscarriage after my firstborn and prior to this pregnancy, the first twelve weeks of my third pregnancy were filled with anxiety. I lay on the examining table and endured that cold, nasty gel being smeared all over my abdomen, waiting nervously for my midwife to find that heartbeat I so desperately needed to hear.

Every second longer she searched with that little white wand was pure torture.

I didn’t know if I could make it through another miscarriage, not and go on to have more children. How do women keep trying over and over again in the face of such heart-wrenching loss?

Thump thump. Thump thump. Thump thump.

There it was! A heartbeat!

Relief flooded my whole body, and I finally relaxed. The baby was still in there, alive and growing just as he should be.

We weren’t out of the woods yet, but in all likelihood, the risk of miscarriage was dramatically less now.

As I cleaned my belly and sat up, my midwife glanced at my chart and asked for confirmation, “You’re sure – you want to attempt a VBAC delivery? If for whatever reason you end up having a c-section, we prefer women not to have more than two c-sections, three at the most.”

In that moment, I knew with certainty: yes, I would definitely attempt a VBAC delivery. Hadn’t I switched to this very hospital, whose reputation for supporting VBAC deliveries is renowned, just to attempt one?

And besides, I didn’t know how many children we wanted to have altogether, but I sure didn’t like a doctor (o.k., midwife) telling me how many babies I could or could not have, thank you very much!

Read how my first VBAC delivery turned out, along with five things I think every woman should consider when she asks the question, “Should I have a VBAC delivery?”, in my article published on My-Joy-Filled Life.

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