How to Homeschool Preschool: 21 things that count as school

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Like many others who start homeschooling who have no prior experience, I once thought of school as just workbooks and textbooks and sitting at a desk (kitchen table) for hours. I way overcomplicated homeschooling the little years.

This style of homeschooling just didn’t work for us. I hated it, and my daughter hated it (the only one in formal “school”). I especially hated the constant interruptions from the younger ones all day long.

In order to make homeschooling work with this many little kids in this season of life, I had to redefine what “learning” looked like. Now, instead of feeling guilty for not doing all those workbooks, I’ve realized that all the things we do now are super legitimate learning. These things actually allow my kids to surpass their grade level learning and be in school every day.

Kids are wired to learn, to love learning in fact, if we only get out of their way and let them.

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5 Ways We Teach Language Arts without a Curriculum

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You don’t need an expensive curriculum to teach Language Arts in your homeschool.

When I first started homeschooling, I was so tempted to purchase a curriculum called All About Reading and All About Spelling to teach Language Arts. Each level cost more than $160 combined! With four levels each (this didn’t even include handwriting or writing!), I would have spent more than $600, and that’s just for one kid. 

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Save Time in your Homeschool with Picture Books

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When you are homeschooling multiple children or juggling babies and toddlers with homeschooling, time is of the essence. The more you can teach in less time, the better. Teaching with picture books engages your younger children while allowing you cover multiple subject areas with your older children at the same time.

It’s cheap, time-saving, and just plain fun. You’ll be amazed what you can cover with just one picture book.

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