Why We Simplify Chores

simple chore system, should i give my kids chores

Do you want to simplify chores in your home? Are you tired of tracking several different chores for multiple kids? I was too, which is why with four kids seven and under, I decided to majorly simplify chores in our home.

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Why We Stopped Giving “Chores”, and What We Do Instead

alternative to chores, why we don't give chores, should I stop giving chores

You probably came here looking for a chore alternative. Let me start by telling you our kids don’t do chores.

Gasp! Before you jump to the comments for a good rant about the value of contributing to the family via chores, let me explain. Instead of “chores”, our kids do “family service” and “paid jobs”.

Does it really matter what you call it? Whatever you call it, chores are chores, some would say. But I believe word choice makes all the difference, especially when it comes to our attitude towards work.

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