Baby Registry Tips & Must Haves

baby registry tips, baby registry must haves

Baby registries are so exciting! You’re given that magical scanner, sent off with a checklist of things you “need” as a new parent. Off you go, adding everything that looks beautiful and fun, and of course, everything on that essential checklist.

Want to know a secret? You don’t need three quarters of it! And those baby registry checklists are definitely not made with multiple kids in mind.

Check out these tips and registry must-haves that this minimalist mom of four wishes someone would have told her when she was making her baby registry eight years ago.

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Slow Potty Training a one year old (The Lazy Way)

potty training one year old, slow potty training, gradual potty training

Potty training. Besides sleep training, I don’t know another two words that have quite the same effect on parents. Both stay at home and working parents alike eagerly scour the internet for the fastest, guaranteed method. With pressure to train kids in time for preschool, we trade training secrets and argue the merits of using pull-ups or not, one day or three days, drinks or no drinks, rewards or no rewards.

Some parents luck out. They have an eager to please, compliant child who happens to be ready at the time the parent initiates training. 

Then there’s the rest of us.

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