How to Declutter Toys in a Big Family

When you take the plunge into minimalism, every “expert” tells you to start with toys if you have kids. It will give you easy wins and you’ll see such a huge difference, it will give you the momentum to continue. Or so they say. But when you have multiple kids (especially of different genders), decluttering toys can get complicated fast.

I started with toys after reading the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and let me tell you, it was painful. I debated a long time over things like dolls and Little People and wooden blocks. Hopefully sharing my experience will save you some of the decision fatigue I experienced.

I’ll give you the simple questions that I eventually (after much debate) came up with in order to decide what to toss and what to keep. I’ll also show you exactly what remained after we decluttered. Your toy collection will probably look different, but I always find it really helpful to see what other families end up keeping when they declutter toys.

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35 Activities for Kids (for when you’re stuck at home)

activities for kids, stay at home

I love being a stay at home mom. I do. But sometimes, being stuck at home all day with four energetic kids can drive a woman crazy! Ironically, it’s easy to draw a blank just when you need several indoor activities for kids to choose from that don’t involve media.

You may be home all day because of sickness, babies needing naps, lack of transportation, or lack of money to spend on outings. Whatever the reason, I’ve put together a list of activities to make it easier for you on the days when you are absolutely out of ideas (and they’ve already watched way too much TV).

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What I’ve been reading lately – April Quick Lit

I’m joining Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy today to share what I’ve been reading lately.

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How to Encourage Pretend Play (A story of kids needing less than we think)

how to encourage pretend play

Creating an environment that encourages pretend play can feel daunting in our screen-filled world.  Many parents who want to foster their child’s imagination think a play kitchen is an essential toy for encouraging creative play.  In fact, play kitchens are now commonplace, found in most homes with young children.

I fell for it too – believing a play kitchen (and other props) to be absolutely necessary for my kids to play pretend.  

As my daughter approached three years old, I started looking for the perfect play kitchen.  Home aesthetics are important to me, so I prioritized the ones I could handle looking at every day in our small apartment.  

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Can you be a one-car family in the suburbs? Here’s how we make it work.

one car family suburbs

We are a family of six living in the suburbs of Raleigh. We have four kids, ages 7, 5, 3 & 1. We are defying the assumptions of suburbia, proving you can be a one-car family in the suburbs. Learn about our reasons for being a one-car family, and how we make it work.

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