Nature Journaling for Kids: 10 Ideas to Try When They Don’t Love It

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Inside: Nature journaling for kids is a core component of the Brave Writer Lifestyle, as well as a Charlotte Mason Education. But what do you do if your kids don’t love it? Here are 10 things to try if your kids don’t love to nature journal.

My daughter’s homeschool co-op first introduced me to nature journaling. They modeled their in-the-making University Model School closely after a Charlotte Mason education, incorporating living books, copywork, narration, and nature journaling into the curriculum.

We purchased a nature journal at the beginning of the year, and my daughter drew a few beautiful drawings. The rest of the journal, however, remained empty.

When we transitioned to homeschooling on our own, I forgot about nature journaling. The few times I attempted to reinstate the practice were met with resistance. While my oldest loves all things art, the rest of my kids didn’t quite see the point of the exercise.

At the time, I was wrestling through my thoughts on unschooling versus relaxed homeschooling, forced learning versus natural learning, so I let it go. I didn’t want to force my kids to participate, and I was at a loss as to how to encourage nature journaling without pulling teeth.

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By Design Science Homeschool Curriculum Review

kendall hunt by design science curriculum review

Inside: By Design Science Curriculum for grades 1-8 provides a thorough and complete, faith-based science education for homeschool students, fully preparing them for upper level sciences.

My second child loves everything science. His eyes light up when our monthly science experiment package arrives, and he is always asking scientific questions about the world around him.

My self-declared scientist jumped up and down with excitement when our By Design Science Curriculum arrived in the mail. He couldn’t wait to get started!

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11 Easy Ways to Homeschool Science without Curriculum

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Inside: Homeschooling science doesn’t need to be difficult, complicated, or an extra burden on top of your core subjects. During the elementary years especially, you can take a more relaxed approach with these ideas.

Do you have a little scientist in your family? A child who loves animals and can recite animal facts from Wild Kratts off the top of his head until you’re tired of listening? One who asks so many questions about the world that you’re seriously tempted to just hand him your phone and say, “Can you just ask Siri?”?

In all seriousness, I believe that any parent can teach science, especially when your kids are small. Just like Pablo Picasso said that “every child is an artist,” I believe that every child is also a scientist. After all, the essence of being a scientist is asking questions and finding answers, making guesses and testing them.  Isn’t that what children do from the time they are babies?

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