30 Math Books for Kids: A Fun & Engaging Way to Teach Math

Inside: Math books for kids are perfect for teaching math concepts in elementary school. Children will not only understand the real-world applications of math, but they will also have a greater likelihood to develop math confidence. 

Math is the subject that most homeschool parents are scared to teach, even during the elementary years. Every other subject doesn’t seem that difficult. Well, except for grammar: I mean, how important is it really that kids know what a past present participle is?

To make matters worse, in traditional schools, the way math is taught seems to change very five years or so, at least in American schools. It seems that the leaders in American math education are constantly trying to find the magic bullet that will allow us to bridge the ever-widening gap between American students’ math scores and Asian students’ math scores.

All of these changes leave parents unsure of their ability to do even the most basic elementary math, let alone help their kids with math. The way math curriculum requires you to do math problems is no longer straight-forward or the way we were taught twenty-five years ago. I once attempted to tutor a second grader in math, and I literally had to teach myself every math lesson because the way the curriculum approached math problems was so foreign to me (yes – second grade math!).

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21 Absolutely Awesome Books for Young Boys

21 books for boys

Inside: Every month or so, I share a new book list filled with books my boys and I have read together and thoroughly enjoyed. So if you’re looking books for young boys (ages 4-8) will love, you’ve come to the right place. 

It’s about time for another installment in my “Books for Boys” series. Since we have three boys close in age (currently, 6.5, 4.5, and 2.5), I plan on providing new book lists for the next several years.

It’s a joy to share with you the best of the best so that you don’t waste your precious time on less than awesome books. Maybe not all of these will be a hit with your kiddos (girls love these books, too!), but I bet you’ll enjoy at least half of them, if not more.

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15 More Unexpectedly Awesome Books for Boys

Inside: More awesome books for boys coming your way! These funny and/or engaging picture books captivated my boys last month. I hope your boys love them as much as we did.

As I continue to write these book lists for boys every month or so, it’s started to become an exciting treasure hunt. As opposed to relying on classic book lists (that have failed me in the past), I love combing through the library shelves, digging for books that will make my boys either laugh hard or think deeply.

What makes it so fun is that every book we choose is a mystery: it could either be a winner or a total flop. Sometimes, the book covers fool us. My boys or I will pick out a book just from its cover. The illustrations or the colors will grab us instantly, only to disappoint when the content is mediocre at best.

More and more, I’m finding that it’s the books with unassuming covers and titles that delight us the most.

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18 More Awesome Books for Boys (Ages 6-8)

awesome books for boys ages 6-8

Inside: Check out these awesome books for boys! They were actually a hit with all of my kids (ages 4, 6, and 8), except for the toddler. Only the best books, the funniest and/or more engaging books, made the list.

Reading aloud is the cornerstone of our homeschool. We are so lucky that our library doesn’t have a checkout limit because we consistently have over one hundred books out at any given time.

If you think that’s excessive, I think we are doing our part to keep our local library in business: the more books checked out on a regular basis, the more funding they receive. So use your library!

Finding fun and interesting books for my boys challenges me every single week. While one of my boys is just emerging from a Star Wars deep dive (he has read every single Star Wars book available at the library and asked for more), my oldest boy – 6 years old – thankfully demands higher quality books.

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16 More Unexpectedly Awesome Books for Young Boys

best books for young boys

Inside: Have a difficult time choosing books for young boys? Grab these books at your local library – our boys loved them and asked to read them over and over again!

It’s time for another installment of “Books for Young Boys”! We’ve finally waded through enough books, sifting through the mediocre ones to bring you some truly awesome books perfect for young boys (and probably girls, too!).

The more library books I choose books for my boys, the more I’m surprised by how you truly cannot judge a book by its cover.

Some book covers make a book seem like an instant hit…only to find that its contents, while well-illustrated, are just so-so. Other covers are lackluster, but inside? A truly memorable story. 

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20 More Unexpectedly Awesome Books for Young Boys

great books for boys

Inside: Have a hard time finding great books for boys? Use this list to grab already vetted books that your boys are sure to love!

I use reading to teach pretty much everything in our homeschool: history, math, science, vocabulary, and just about everything else. Picture book reading usually happens before bed every night (after rambunctious, pull the book right out of my hand toddler is asleep).

My target picture book audience is currently my middle boys, ages five and three, although my daughter still loves to listen in, too. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a much harder time choosing great books for boys – books that truly delight and engage them – than I ever had choosing books for my daughter.

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10 More Books Every Homeschool Mom Should Read

books homeschool moms should read

Parenthood has pretty much killed any desire I had to read fiction. Perhaps it’s the limited amount of time I have with four kids, or the fact that I read-aloud so much fiction to the kids every day. Either way, the only books that hold my attention these days are non-fiction books directly related to homeschooling, parenting, or finances.

I love studying different educational philosophies and approaches to homeschooling because even three years in, I don’t feel like my homeschool approach is set in stone yet. I am probably considered an “eclectic homeschooler” – whatever gets the job done and helps my kids to LOVE learning.  These ten books (in addition to my all-time favorite homeschooling book that I read five times last year) have played a crucial role in how I view traditional school, homeschool, and education in general.

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17 Unexpectedly Awesome Books for Little Boys

best books for young boys

Inside: The best books for little boys can be difficult to find. We love helping other parents by sharing the books our little boys (ages 4-7) love best.

Ever have a child request the same book over and over again? And you just can’t figure out what makes that book that book?

It happens around here all the time, but finding those books for boys is difficult, at least for me. Call it luck, but I happened upon quite a few unexpected favorites.

Some of my five-year-old son’s favorite books are ones that I would never in a million years have guessed would be hits. But something about these books appealed to his little, five year old boy self: he asks for them over and over again.

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The 10 Best Mo Willems Books

mo willems books

Inside: The 10 best Mo Willems books are not necessarily his famous Piggie and Gerald books. This Mo Willems book list contains, in our opinion, his funniest and most engaging books. Enjoy!

If you only know the Elephant & Piggie side of Mo Willems, you are missing some of the best Mo Willems books! While Elephant & Piggie books introduced us to Mo Willems, we have discovered so many of his lesser known books that we love even more than beloved Elephant & Piggie.

If you have kids and have never read a book by Mo Willems, you are about to discover books that will turn even the most reluctant young reader into an absolute book fanatic!

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