38 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids (Candy and Clutter FREE!)

easter basket ideas for kids
Inside: Easter baskets for kids don’t need to be filled with way too much candy. Fill your Easter baskets with useful gifts instead!

Easter will be here before we know it. If you missed the last major holiday (we definitely celebrated Valentine’s Day two days late) or you just love being extra prepared, then it’s a good idea to get your Easter baskets ready NOW. I created this list of clutter-free and non-candy Easter basket ideas for kids to help you get a head start!

Before I launch into my list of ideas for your awesome Easter baskets, I’m going to let you in on my super simple secret for clutter-free Easter baskets (because who needs more junk in their house when you have little kids?).

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Nighttime Potty Training Supplies You Can’t Live Without

nighttime potty training products you need

We just started nighttime potty training our second child. As with our oldest, we kept waiting for it to happen naturally. I expected him to start having the occasional dry pull-up a year ago.

Six months ago.

One month ago.

Those dry pull-ups never came.

Unfortunately, some children just have small bladders. They get them from us, you know! Sometimes, getting older is the only thing that will make nighttime potty training easier, but it doesn’t mean you can’t try at different intervals to see if you can ditch those pull-ups.

(If you don’t succeed the first time around, these pull-ups are the only ones I could find that didn’t leak.)

No matter when you choose to start nighttime potty training, it is absolutely essential that you have all the supplies you’ll need before you start. You really don’t want to wake up two days in to realize you don’t have extra sheets or any clean underwear.

Nighttime potty training can be rough, depending on the kid. Everything on this list will make it SO much easier.

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By Design Science Homeschool Curriculum Review

kendall hunt by design science curriculum review
Inside: By Design Science Curriculum for grades 1-8 provides a thorough and complete, faith-based science education for homeschool students, fully preparing them for upper level sciences.

My second child loves everything science. His eyes light up when our monthly science experiment package arrives, and he is always asking scientific questions about the world around him.

My self-declared scientist jumped up and down with excitement when our By Design Science Curriculum arrived in the mail. He couldn’t wait to get started!

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10 Cheap Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home Beautiful (even when you’re broke)

decorate on a budget
Inside: Just because you don’t have a lot to spend doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home! Use these cheap decorating ideas to create a home you love for next to nothing.

I have a confession: I compulsively rearrange my furniture.

I do it all the time, to the point where my husband wonders whether or not the house is ever going to look the same when he walks in the door after work.

Why do I do it? It’s not exactly easy to rearrange furniture by yourself.

I do it because it’s the king of all cheap decorating ideas.

Rearranging furniture gives your home a whole new look for FREE.

I want my home to be beautiful, but we have very little money to invest in making it so. I had to get creative to make a home I love with only a few dollars to spare.

Thankfully, creativity (and necessity) birthed several cheap decorating ideas that I wouldn’t trade for all the expensive home decorations in the world.

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How to Save Money on Groceries When Your Husband Isn’t on Board

Groceries on a Budget | Save Money on Groceries | How to Save Money | Saving Money Ideas | Saving Money Tips | Frugal Living Tips
Inside: Are you working so hard to save money on groceries but your husband isn’t on board? You can still save money on groceries with these tips!

I finished unloading the groceries from the car and sat down to pay myself on the back. I was pretty darn proud of myself. I stuck to my grocery list, saved a ton of money on groceries, and was pretty confident that everything I bought would be more than enough for the week.

That is, until my husband looked through the grocery bags.

“Is that all the groceries?” he asked. “Do you still need to go to BJ’s?”

“Ummm, no. That’s it.”

He started doing the “cupboard crawl”, digging for some missing food that looked good to him. He came up empty-handed.

I sighed. It was going to be a long week.

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The Best Way to Use Little Passports for Homeschool Geography

little passports homeschool geography curriculum
Inside: Learn how to build your homeschool geography curriculum on a Little Passports subscription using the Explore the World Digital Resource Guide.

We tried Little Passports for the first time two months ago. My kids loved getting their Little Passports delivery in the mail every month!

Because we received three months for free in exchange for a review, I had some time to evaluate whether or not we wanted to renew our Little Passports subscription.

I decided not only to renew for a whole year, but also to build our entire homeschool geography curriculum around Little Passports this year.

On its own, I couldn’t justify the expense, but another digital resource guide I already own pairs perfectly with Little Passports.

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Little Passports Review: Everything You Need to Decide

little passports review
Inside: Get an honest review of Little Passports from a homeschooling mom of four so you can know whether it will be a good fit for your family!

Our first Little Passports subscription box showed up in the mail two months ago, and the kids were jumping up and down with excitement.

What kid doesn’t love to get not just letters, but ENTIRE BOXES in the mail addressed to them?!

They tore open the box, eager to dive into the activities inside. They examined the shiny blue Little Passports suitcase, flipped through the pages of their new “passport”, and sat down together to start on the written activities inside.

They worked steadily through each activity, happily occupied for a good half hour.

What more can a homeschooling mom ask for?

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