The Simplest, Cheapest LEGO Storage Solution

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Inside: Are you frustrated by your current system for organizing LEGOs©? Try this simple, cheap LEGO storage solution instead!

We recently inherited my younger brother’s LEGO collection. I’m talking thousands upon thousands of LEGOs, and that’s after giving several sets away to my sister.

I have never seen so many LEGO people and accessories in one place, and my first thought was “Why oh why did I take these?!”. I spent the past two years decluttering toys, and the thought of adding so many at once was slightly overwhelming.

But once we took them home, I haven’t regretted it once. LEGOs are a classic and versatile toy that will last forever.

My next thought was, of course, how the heck am I going to store all those LEGOs?!

We had a small bin of LEGOs before, but that small bin was nowhere near big enough for the collection we have now.

Simple, Cheap LEGO Storage

I had momentary, glorious visions of LEGOs sorted by color, a drawer for each one – like this one. You know, the ones made for A-type moms like me who adore beautiful storage solutions.

Then, an image of thousands of LEGOs being dumped onto the floor cross my mind. 

I imagined the pain of stepping on those LEGOs (have you ever stepped on one? curse words have flown across my brain, and thankfully not my mouth). And I envisioned carefully sorting the thousands back into their color coded drawers…again and again and again.

I abandoned that idea pretty quickly.

I definitely needed to think outside the box on this one. Having just read The House That Cleans Itself, I started thinking about a storage solution that could actually work for their habits, not mine.

Simple & Cheap Lego Storage: Check this out before you buy all the expensive lego organization stuff!

Choose Storage that Works

Before rushing to purchase a storage container, I stopped to observe how my kids play with LEGOs, and I thought carefully about how I wanted them to play with LEGOs.

I value creativity in play and believe that building with LEGOs can be a great tool for learning. Building the sets according to the directions does not really foster that creativity I’m going for.

Building sets does teach other things like patience, perspective, counting, and perseverance, and we did reserve a couple of carefully preserved, whole sets for when my daughter needs a longer building project.

In general though, I wanted the kids to build new creations that challenged their spatial reasoning and engineering skills. My three-year-old is constantly coming up with ships like this one.

organize LEGOs, LEGO storage



After careful observation, I landed on what may be the cheapest, simplest LEGO storage solution on Pinterest to date. Short of leaving them in the cardboard box, you can’t find a cheaper solution. This container was only $17.99 at Target, and I’m sure you can get it cheaper on sale or with a coupon.

4 Reasons this LEGO Storage Solution Works

1) It’s portable.

organize LEGOs, LEGO storage

We can carry the entire collection from room to room, though up and down the stairs does take a bit of effort. That way, when one of the boys wants to play with them during rest time, we can easily shift them from the play room to their room.

2) It fits under beds.

We live in a relatively small house, though nowhere near as small as our apartment in Boston was. When we need extra floor space, the bin is designed to fit under beds. Perfect!

3) Multiple kids can sort from all sides.

organize LEGOs, LEGO storage

When the LEGO collection is put in the middle of a room, several kids can look at the same time, a couple on each side.

4) It never gets dumped.

With our old LEGO bin, the bricks were constantly being dumped out in order to find whatever piece they were looking for. Now, they never get dumped.  There may be a handful of pieces scattered next to it (I’m thinking of a solution for this one). But these can easily be tossed back into the main bin.

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Lego Storage Organization: Looking for a cheap and simple solution? Every time I think of trying something else, we come back to this simple storage solution.

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