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Inside: Looking for legitimate work from home options to earn extra cash as a stay at home mom? This flexible work from home opportunity teaching English with VIPKID may be a great fit!

When I first decided to homeschool, I didn’t think much about the long-term ramifications of that decision, particularly on our finances. But as I fell in love with homeschooling more and more, I started to think about the future.

With four kids (and maybe more one day), we were looking at a significant number of years stretching dollars. While it was doable for me to not earn any extra money for that long, we wanted to make headway on our student debt and dreamed of owning a house one day. And that wasn’t gonna happen for a long long time the way things were going.

Sometimes, living frugally can only get you so far. When you’ve exhausted all your frugal living options, it’s time to find creative ways to earn extra cash as a stay at home mom.

I’ve heard so many homeschooling moms and stay at home moms alike talk about the burden of a tight budget, and I know exactly what you’re going through.

I want other moms to experience the same freedom I did, to realize that you can contribute to the family finances doing something you enjoy doing, and not have to leave your kids with someone else to do it.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you all about this work from home opportunity with VIPKID.

Note: Since I originally published this post last fall, VIPKID’s hourly wages have increased. You can now earn up to $22/hour with VIPKID, depending on your experience and how long you remain on staff. This is NOT the hourly wage for new tutors.

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Work-from-Home Job Opportunity with VIPKID


VIPKID is an online English education platform that allows children (ages 4-12) in China to take classes from North American teachers, all without leaving home. Started in 2013, it is the fastest growing online education company in the world, with over 200,000 students as of the summer of 2017, and they anticipate continued growth.

VIPKID caters its services to the growing middle class in China, where parents are looking for quality TESOL tutoring for their kids at affordable prices. Teachers benefit from this demand for quality tutors: it gives them the chance to earn extra money on a schedule that suits them.

Why are Chinese parents turning to VIPKID? They want their children to experience an American elementary education, which offers increased opportunities for teacher-student interaction and focuses more on developing critical thinking skills.

VIPKID has developed an excellent reputation and is gaining recognition for its innovative platform, as you can tell from this article in Forbes. The company is doing so well that multiple investors (including Kobe Bryant!) wanted in on it.

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How do the VIPKID Online Classes work?

VIPKID uses a “flipped classroom” approach. This means that the students receive lessons to study in advance. They then attend their online class with a teacher (that could be you!). Following the class, they have access to games and other assignments to reinforce what they learned.

Each class is 30 minutes long and functions like a Skype call with interactive PowerPoint slides as lesson plans. Teachers don’t have to worry about creating lesson plans, tracking students’ progress, or grading. VIPKID takes care of all of that! The teacher is free to focus on doing what they do well: teaching.

The company is well-known for its supportive teacher community. With a community of 20,000 teachers, you will find so much support for passing the interview, preparing for classes, and sharing your experiences in the classroom. You will never be alone!

The company takes very good care of its teachers, as you can tell by the raving reviews on Facebook, Youtube, Indeed, and more. The average teachers earns $19/hour (keep in mind classes are 30 min. each) according to Indeed.

Testimonial from a Current VIPKID Teacher

My good friend Amy currently works for VIPKID, and she has nothing but good things to say!

“I stumbled upon VIPKID when I was looking for work that I could do from home.  I work full time but have a bit of margin and am needing extra money to pay for my masters degree! I have taught young kids (Ages 4-7) before and just love that creative, inquisitive stage.  I also have a deep love for cross cultures and being able to bring impact to people’s lives.

I entered into VIPKID not sure what I was going to find, but I have been pleasantly surprised.  The rigorous application process gave me confidence that they wanted quality teachers, and although there was a bit of a learning curve (teaching on a screen, behavior modification, ESL) I found that the program and company are well set up for what they do!

I have just signed my second 6 month contract and have no plans of stopping. The schedule is self regulated and flexible according the ebbs and flows of my life. The lessons are prepared for me, and with little prep on the front end I can have a great class!

I have met great students and as I follow them in their English journey I get to see them succeed, grow & become confident English speakers.  I am so thankful to have found VIPKID- it is perfect fit for me in this season!”

To work with VIPKID, you need:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any field
  • One Year of Teaching Experience in any form 
  • Eligibility to work in the U.S. or Canada

While this is not a qualification, they do look for applicants with high energy. High energy teachers (think using hand gestures, upbeat tone, etc.) more easily overcome the potential awkwardness of the class’s online setting.

You do NOT need to speak Chinese in order to teach with VIPKID.

How to Apply to VIPKID

Up front, you will need some basic equipment to work with VIPKID: a computer – desktop or laptop, a webcam, and a microphone.

To start your application, you will first be asked to fill out a basic form. Next, you will need to provide a basic teaching sample via a recording or a virtual interview.

Then you will be asked to view an “Introduction to Teaching” workshop, after which you will be invited to teach a mock class.

I highly recommend reading this article for great points on how to excel throughout the interview process. Given that you pass all these steps with flying colors, VIPKID will offer you a position, and you can start teaching!

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Why You Should Consider Applying to VIPKID

VIPKID is an amazing opportunity to earn extra money as a stay at home mom. There are teachers who teach just a few sessions a week, and then there are teachers who earn their entire living teaching with VIPKID full-time.

How often do you find a work from home opportunity where you can work as little or as much as you want? It’s perfect for the ebbs and flows of motherhood, growing a family, homeschooling, and whatever else life throws at you!

If you are just starting to enter the work at home world, I know it can be a little scary. But trust me! It gets easier. You just have to take that first step.

Applying with VIPKID is a first step. It could be one of the best financial decisions you make for your family.

Take the leap! Click here to apply.

Follow VIPKID on Facebook, on Twitter, and Instagram to learn more about this work from home option.

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