Homeschool Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

homeschool organization ideas for small spaces

Inside: Do you need homeschool organization ideas for small spaces? Get tips and strategies from a mom who homeschools with four kids in a small house.

We have always lived in small homes. I was used to it when we only had little babies, but adding bigger kids and homeschooling to the mix made our tiny home feel more than slightly claustrophic.

The inevitable pile of books and supplies that come with homeschooling cluttered our small home FAST. I decluttered like mad, but you can only get rid of so much when you homeschool.

I had to find ways to organize all the stuff we absolutely needed to homeschool.

From a two-bedroom apartment in Boston to our current less than 1200 square feet, single-family home, I’ve picked up a few ideas along the way for staying organized while homeschooling. I know homeschooling in a tiny house can feel overwhelming, but organization doesn’t need to be hard if you have the right supplies and strategies.

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7 Easy Ways to Add Art Appreciation to Your Homeschool When You’re Not Crazy About Art

homeschool art

Inside: Elementary homeschool art appreciation doesn’t need to be complicated and arduous, and you don’t need fancy (or expensive) curriculum. Get 7 easy ideas for adding art appreciation to your homeschool!

I could care less about art. There, I said it. While I do remember drawing as a child, I never drew for fun past my tween years, and I would never choose to spend my spare time going to an art museum. The art in our home is mostly my kids’ artwork, word art, and maps (which are probably considered a form of art).

But just because I don’t love art doesn’t mean my kids shouldn’t be given the opportunity to fall in love with art.

I’ve done enough reading to realize the value of art during childhood, both doing and beholding. A powerful quote from one of my favorite movies, Mr. Holland’s Opus, ultimately convinced me to make sure to include the arts in our homeschool.

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15 More Unexpectedly Awesome Books for Boys

Inside: More awesome books for boys coming your way! These funny and/or engaging picture books captivated my boys last month. I hope your boys love them as much as we did.

As I continue to write these book lists for boys every month or so, it’s started to become an exciting treasure hunt. As opposed to relying on classic book lists (that have failed me in the past), I love combing through the library shelves, digging for books that will make my boys either laugh hard or think deeply.

What makes it so fun is that every book we choose is a mystery: it could either be a winner or a total flop. Sometimes, the book covers fool us. My boys or I will pick out a book just from its cover. The illustrations or the colors will grab us instantly, only to disappoint when the content is mediocre at best.

More and more, I’m finding that it’s the books with unassuming covers and titles that delight us the most.

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I Ditched Charlotte Mason Narration: The Results Shocked Me

Inside: I thought my kids hated Charlotte Mason narration, so I quit using it. Two years later, my kids started narrating spontaneously and without prompting, but this kind of narration was different.

I was introduced to Charlotte Mason narration through the University Model school my daughter attended two days per week our first year homeschooling. During orientation, I listened to the director talk enthusiastically about the beauty of a Charlotte Mason education.

It sounded amazing! Living books, nature walks, character development: it all sounded idealistically lovely.

And it was lovely. In fact, I still love many of Charlotte Mason’s core teachings:

  • Learning through literature (not textbooks)
  • Being in and observant of nature
  • Art appreciation
  • Teaching spelling and handwriting using literature

I’m so very far from a Charlotte Mason purist, but most of her teachings just make sense to me as a parent and as an educator. All except one.


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24 Benefits of Homeschooling Your Kids (from a reluctant homeschooler)

Inside: Save these 24 benefits of homeschooling your kids, for the days when you wonder is homeschooling is really the best choice.

I put up this sign the other day, words from an Etsy sign I love, and hope to be able to buy one day. For now, my letter board will have to do.

“You were born to blaze new trails, pioneer great adventures…”

My husband noticed the sign and chuckled. Defensively, I asked him why he was laughing. I loved those inspirational words!

He remarked, “Well, you’re not really a trailblazer. You prefer the beaten path. You love the beaten path, actually. Do you know how hard it is to blaze a new trail? To make a trail where there has never been one before?”

He’s right you know, about the beaten path, which is probably why I wonder so frequently whether homeschooling is really the bestchoice.

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18 More Awesome Books for Boys (Ages 6-8)

awesome books for boys ages 6-8

Inside: Check out these awesome books for boys! They were actually a hit with all of my kids (ages 4, 6, and 8), except for the toddler. Only the best books, the funniest and/or more engaging books, made the list.

Reading aloud is the cornerstone of our homeschool. We are so lucky that our library doesn’t have a checkout limit because we consistently have over one hundred books out at any given time.

If you think that’s excessive, I think we are doing our part to keep our local library in business: the more books checked out on a regular basis, the more funding they receive. So use your library!

Finding fun and interesting books for my boys challenges me every single week. While one of my boys is just emerging from a Star Wars deep dive (he has read every single Star Wars book available at the library and asked for more), my oldest boy – 6 years old – thankfully demands higher quality books.

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A Day in the Life in our Relaxed Homeschool {with ages 8, 6, 4, & 2}

relaxed homeschool day in the life

Inside: A day in the life of our relaxed homeschool. Get a glimpse of what relaxed homeschooling is really like (though every day is different!).

I am excited to be linking up with Simple Homeschool today for their annual “Day in the Life” link-up!

I open my eyes. Laying next to me is my crazy, very attached toddler, sleeping soundly for once. I look at my phone: crap. It’s already 9:30 a.m.

Time to get up before the day gets away from me.

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By Design Science Homeschool Curriculum Review

kendall hunt by design science curriculum review

Inside: By Design Science Curriculum for grades 1-8 provides a thorough and complete, faith-based science education for homeschool students, fully preparing them for upper level sciences.

My second child loves everything science. His eyes light up when our monthly science experiment package arrives, and he is always asking scientific questions about the world around him.

My self-declared scientist jumped up and down with excitement when our By Design Science Curriculum arrived in the mail. He couldn’t wait to get started!

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The Best Way to Use Little Passports for Homeschool Geography

little passports homeschool geography curriculum

Inside: Learn how to build your homeschool geography curriculum on a Little Passports subscription using the Explore the World Digital Resource Guide.

We tried Little Passports for the first time two months ago. My kids loved getting their Little Passports delivery in the mail every month!

Because we received three months for free in exchange for a review, I had some time to evaluate whether or not we wanted to renew our Little Passports subscription.

I decided not only to renew for a whole year, but also to build our entire homeschool geography curriculum around Little Passports this year.

On its own, I couldn’t justify the expense, but another digital resource guide I already own pairs perfectly with Little Passports.

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Little Passports Review: Everything You Need to Decide

little passports review

Inside: Get an honest Little Passports review from a homeschooling mom of four so you can know whether it will be a good fit for your family!

Our first Little Passports subscription box showed up in the mail two months ago, and the kids were jumping up and down with excitement.

What kid doesn’t love to get not just letters, but ENTIRE BOXES in the mail addressed to them?!

They tore open the box, eager to dive into the activities inside. They examined the shiny blue Little Passports suitcase, flipped through the pages of their new “passport”, and sat down together to start on the written activities inside.

They worked steadily through each activity, happily occupied for a good half hour.

What more can a homeschooling mom ask for?

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