How to Transition to a Minimalist Christmas with Kids

Inside: How do you transition to a minimalist Christmas when you have kids? Especially when every other Christmas meant presents galore? Get actionable tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The idea of a minimalist Christmas has rapidly gained popularity over the past few years. Parents around the world are realizing that more activities and more presents do not happier kids make.

In fact, more, more, more, especially during the holidays, tends to have the opposite effect.

I’ll never forget one Christmas spent with husband’s family six years ago. I have literally never seen so many presents under a Christmas tree in my entire life.

Though I was touched by their generosity, I couldn’t believe the extravagance. I wasn’t a minimalist at the time, and even then, I was overwhelmed!

And my then three-year-old daughter?

She couldn’t even make it halfway through her presents before she started looking anxious. Relatives on all sides encouraged her to finish opening her presents, and all she wanted to do was play with the ones she already opened.

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30+ Useful Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List


Inside: Searching for a list of useful stocking stuffers? You’ve come to the right place! Fill your stockings with items from this growing ideas list, so you can enjoy your Christmas stockings without all the cheap crap and clutter.

Halloween is over, and the Christmas count-down is on. At least now Christmas décor has a semi-legitimate reason for being out and about at every major retailer. There are really no excuses for bringing it out before the end of October!

Even though we still have Thanksgiving to go, Christmas shopping and preparations are on the brain, at least for those of us who want to stay sane during the holidays. And the Christmas shopping that often gets pushed off until the last minute is always the stocking stuffers.

Why not change that this year? Get a head start with this list of 30+ useful stocking stuffers! Order them on Amazon now, and stash them for the big day.

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5 Quick Tips for When Parents Disagree About What to Get Kids for Christmas

what to get kids for Christmas, parents cant agree on kids Christmas gifts

Inside: Agreeing on what to get the kids for Christmas can be tough, especially if you and your spouse have different opinions on what makes a good gift. Use these 5 quick tips to work through it!

My husband and I have very different ideas about what to get the kids for Christmas this year. While we are both pretty frugal, I’m a minimalist, and he is decidedly not a minimalist.

The only thing we’ve agreed on so far are new bikes for all.

Deciding what to get the kids for Christmas kind of reminds me of how choosing names for our boys went down. I’ll throw out idea after idea: he vetoes every single one (without contributing ideas of his own – he just doesn’t like mine).

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How to Have a Simple Christmas with Kids

Inside: Are you longing for a slow, simple Christmas with your kids? Get 6 tips to simplify your Christmas traditions, so you can actually enjoy the Christmas season (instead of collapse at the end)!

I remember vividly the day I sat in a circle with a big group of moms discussing the importance of creating traditions for your kids, starting when they are little. As the holiday with the most traditions, Christmas was the central topic of discussion, a discussion that led far, far away from the slow, simple Christmas I craved.

I remember it so well because of the crushing pressure I felt.

What everyone in the room seemed to be saying was, “More, more, more! Without a million Christmas traditions, your kids will be ruined for life!”

When your kids are small and you are barely treading water as a mom, the last thing you need is additional expectations and pressure, especially during Christmas.

And it’s not just you that needs slow and simple: your kids need simple, too.

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3 Simple Steps to Decorate for a Minimalist Christmas

minimalism with kids, minimalist Christmas, minimalist decorations

Inside: Deciding what should make the cut for your minimalist Christmas decorations can be a difficult decision. Figure out what should be part of your collection using these 3 simple steps!

Other than Fall, Christmas is my favorite season of the entire year. And what marks the start of the Christmas season more than unpacking and putting up Christmas decorations?

Before minimalism, I used to think the more Christmas decorations, the better. But then I started to take stock of what Christmas decorations I was actually hanging onto – packing and unpacking, taking up counter space every single year, and I realized that I really didn’t love everything we had. Combine that with a couple of Christmas pregnancy due dates, and I knew that we needed to majorly simplify our holiday decorations!

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Timeless Christmas Gifts for Kids Under 8 Years Old

what to get kids Christmas

Inside: Wondering what to get kids for Christmas? These are quality gift ideas from a minimalist mom of 4 who knows what presents will actually last.

Christmas is coming! Unfortunately, Target and Walmart and all the rest remind us of this fact earlier and earlier every year. I don’t know about you, but when I see LEGO advent calendars in the toy aisle on October 1st, I want to stop and throw up right there.

It makes we want to forgo thinking about what to get kids for Christmas until at least Thanksgiving in protest!

But that probably isn’t the wise thing to do…holiday shopping in December is pure insanity.

Whether we like it or not, Christmas is shoved in our faces everywhere we go, and that means it’s time to suck it up and join the ranks of people who have gift ideas on the brain.

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