Inside: Looking for Easter basket ideas for kids that don’t involve candy or clutter? Try these 38 creative ideas for clutter and candy-free Easter baskets they’ll love.

Easter will be here before we know it. If you missed the last major holiday (we definitely celebrated Valentine’s Day two days late) or you just love being extra prepared, then it’s a good idea to get your Easter baskets ready NOW.

I created this list of clutter-free and non-candy Easter basket ideas for kids to help you get a head start!

Before I launch into my list of ideas for your awesome Easter baskets, I’m going to let you in on my super simple secret for clutter-free Easter baskets (because who needs more junk in their house when you have little kids?).

Here’s my secret to clutter-free Easter baskets:

I only put in my kids’ Easter baskets 1) what I would already be buying for them anyway OR 2) food we rarely buy for them.

We fill those baskets with new art supplies, small gift cards to Chick-fil-a, or chocolate-covered pretzels.

If you stick to those two rules, you won’t regret giving your kids Easter baskets (even as a minimalist mom!). I contemplated getting rid of Easter baskets altogether this year, but Easter baskets have been part of our holiday tradition since my oldest was a toddler.

They are part of what makes our Easter special, so the baskets stay.


Simply skip over those suggestions and choose something else.

The Easter basket item that was the most popular last year were Brain Quest workbooks for the older kids. They’ve last all year!

Choose 3-4 of these items to include with a little bit of candy (we usually give a small chocolate bunny and the best kind of jelly beans)…it is Easter after all.

30+ Easter Basket Ideas for Kids - candy and clutter-free!

38+ Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Art Supplies




Personal Items:

  • Hair Brush : This brush ended most of the tears for us.
  • Bubble Bath : Bubble baths are just FUN.
  • Hair Detangler : This detangler is hands-down the best one we’ve ever used.
  • Chapstick : The fun of makeup without the makeup.
  • Hair Ties : Somehow they ALL disappear.



Outside Activities:

  • Bubbles : The best ones we’ve used (bubble are NOT all made equal).
  • Bubble Machine : So you can save your breath.
  • Sidewalk Chalk : Make that driveway a work of art.
  • Seeds : These flowers are supposedly the easiest to grow from seeds.
  • Soil : An essential part of growing seeds.
  • Flower Pots : These ones are adorable!
  • Kid-sized Spade : So they can do all the gardening work themselves.
  • Gardening Gloves : Their very own adorable pair.
  • Bouncy Balls : 25 cents at your local grocery store!
  • Jump Rope : Occupy them for hours learning how to use it.
  • Camelbak Water Bottle : Keep them hydrated outdoors (my kids all have one)



Experience Gifts:

  • Restaurant Gift Card : A special date with mom or dad after Easter.
  • Discounted Movie Tickets : Because the movies don’t have to cost a fortune.
  • Playdough : This keeps kids occupied for hours!
  • Books : You really can’t go wrong with a book.
  • Card Games : This is a game anyone can play (one of our faves!).



Non-Candy Foods:


What do you put in Easter baskets for your kids? Leave some ideas in the comments!

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids | Clutter-Free Easter Baskets | Non-Candy Easter Baskets

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  1. We have a family basket for this year. I bought a couple of board games, small activities like legos & puzzles to add to our collection, play-doh, sidewalk chalk, and my favorite pecan eggs. We will have jelly beans too. The kids will get candy from the Easter egg hunt at our family gathering, so that’s plenty! I love the gift card idea! Maybe next year!

    1. Author

      Those sound like great ideas, Kacee! I’ll have to add to this list for next year.

  2. This is a great list, thanks June!

  3. We have always included cascarones in our Easter celebration. We hollow out actual eggs (the eggs that we would use anyway for breakfast or whatever), dye them, and fill them with paper confetti. Then, you take them OUTSIDE and smash them on the heads of your sibling or friends. (Grandfathers also make enticing victims, especially if they have bald spots to use as targets!) The paper disintegrates quickly outside because it is so small, everyone has fun, and minimal money is spent. The eggs can also fill up a good bit of space in the basket.

    We always use the cascarones in our Easter egg hunt. Any eggs that do not get found do not become a problem!

    1. Author

      That’s a cool idea! I had to look up cascarones because I’ve never heard of them. Love.

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