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Inside: Looking for Easter basket ideas for kids that don’t involve candy or clutter? Try these 38 creative ideas for clutter and candy-free Easter baskets they’ll love.

Easter will be here before we know it. If you missed the last major holiday (we definitely celebrated Valentine’s Day two days late) or you just love being extra prepared, then it’s a good idea to get your Easter baskets ready NOW.

I created this list of clutter-free and non-candy Easter basket ideas for kids to help you get a head start!

Before I launch into my list of ideas for your awesome Easter baskets, I’m going to let you in on my super simple secret for clutter-free Easter baskets (because who needs more junk in their house when you have little kids?).

The Secret to Clutter-Free Easter Baskets


Sometimes it feels like every holiday is the new Christmas, right? I mean really, Easter baskets used to be simple: eggs and candy. Done.

I admit that it’s frustrating, but especially if you just love giving gifts to your kids, holidays are one more excuse to do it.

So how do you avoid turning Easter into another clutter-inducing holiday? I only put in my kids’ Easter baskets…

  • what I would already be buying for them anyway OR
  • food we rarely buy for them.

We fill those baskets with new art supplies, small gift cards to Chick-fil-a, or yummy, not completely horrifying consumables like chocolate-covered pretzels.

If you stick to those two rules, you won’t regret giving your kids Easter baskets (even if you’re a minimalist!).

I contemplated getting rid of Easter baskets altogether this year, but Easter baskets have been part of our holiday tradition since my oldest was a toddler.

They are part of what makes our Easter special, so the baskets stay.

Also, keep in mind that while I consider this list to be clutter-free, some of the items might be clutter to YOU. Clutter for one minimalist family might not be clutter for the next.

Simply skip over those suggestions and choose something else.

The Easter basket item that was the most popular last year were Brain Quest workbooks for the older kids. They’ve lasted all year!

Choose a few of these items (or just one!) to include with a little bit of candy (we usually give a small chocolate bunny and the best kind of jelly beans)…it is Easter after all.

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35 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

These Easter basket ideas are grouped loosely into categories like food, experience gifts and non-candy food ideas.

1. Pastels

These are a fun way to change up art time! We use them with some stronger multi-purpose art paper designed to stand up to heavier art mediums.

We have and love THIS brand.

2. Dot Art

Kids of all ages enjoy these (even my 2-year-old), and THIS 6-pack we bought literally lasted for YEARS, even with regular use.

3. Colorful Paper

The possibilities are endless.

You can go with construction paper, card stock (colors or patterns) or felt.

4. Kwikstix

Have you tried Kwikstix yet? These are a great way to introduce acrylics without the insane amount of mess that are, well, acrylics.

You still should use smocks or shirts you don’t care about getting dirty when using these.

THESE acrylic pens are another great alternative to acrylics. We got these for Christmas a couple of years ago and they are awesome!

My kids love to paint rocks with them, but you can also use them on glass, wood and so many other things.

5. Mr. Sketch Markers

I’m sure you’ve heard of THESE deliciously scented markers.

Even I want to sit down to color with them because they’re

6. Crayons

It doesn’t get much better than a fresh pack of crayons. That new crayon smell – mmmmmm.

7. Coloring Books

These can easily become clutter, but a fresh coloring book can also be a great way to inspire hours of screen-free activity.

8. Gel Pens

This is another great Easter basket idea for kids who love writing or drawing.

9. Finger Paint

Only if you’re brave enough – and if you’re not, well, solidarity, sister.

If you are just that brave, first of all you rock. Second, include a roll of butcher paper to cover the entire table.

10. Hair Brush

Occasionally you’re overdue for a new hair brush (or you have little ones who don’t have one of their own yet).

We’ve tried a lot of hair brushes, and THIS brush lives up to its reputation for fast, tear-free detangling.

11. Bubble Bath

Bubble bath is just so fun, and when you have little ones, baths are KEY to staying sane, am I right?

We’ve tested a few non-toxic brands through Grove Collaboriate so far and have been pleased with them.

You can sign up HERE and get free stuff with your first order.

12. Chapstick

The fun of makeup without the makeup. And anyone else remember Lip Smackers in allll the flavors? Those were the days.

These days I stick with Burt’s Bee’s, or THIS brand is my kid’s new favorite particularly the unscented, if you want a definitely non-toxic option.

13. Hair Detangler

Out of hair detangler? Throw a fresh bottle in the Easter basket because you were already going to buy it anyway.

We’ve had a lot of success with THIS brand, if you’re looking for something that actually works.

14. Hair Ties

How do these ALWAYS go missing? Sigh.

Include a fresh pack because in this minimalist mom’s opinion, you really can’t have too many.

15. Bubbles

Is there any reason to get the tiny containers? Get a giant jug and maybe a few smaller wands to refill.

16. Bubble Machine

When I got tired of blowing bubbles – and kids dumping bubbles out – I got THIS bubble machine.

We’ve had our fair share of bubble machines. If the adult is the only one operating it, most of them should last.

But once you let the kids at it…you can pretty much expect them to break.

17. Sidewalk Chalk

Easter is the perfect time to break out fresh sidewalk chalk. Outdoor play for HOURS.

We typically stick to THIS brand, but the cheap stuff works, too.

18. Seeds

These flowers are supposedly the easiest to grow from seeds.

Or if you are already planning on gardening this spring, include a pack of seeds for something you were going to grow anyway to get them excited!

19. Flower Pots

To continue the gardening theme, include a flower pot or two. Even if you aren’t a gardener, throw some soil in a pot with those easy to grow flowers I mentioned and just see if anything happens.

From one mom who can barely keep a snake plant alive to another: maybe you’ll get lucky and something will actually grow?

20. Gardening Tools

If you’re going to have seeds, include a trowel or a hand rake for weeds.

Or just dump some dirt in a bin and let them keep worms and attempt to grow those flowers. Seriously – easy peasy outdoor fun.

21. Sunglasses

If you need to replace sunglasses for spring/summer, now’s a good time to get them!

(We get almost all of our clothes for free – including kids’ sunglasses – using THIS method.)

22. Jump Rope

There’s nothing like a good jump rope just in time for spring!

23. Water Bottle

If you already know they need new water bottles, why not tuck it into their Easter basket?

We love THESE Camelbak water bottles.

24. Ice Cream Gift Card

Include a $5 gift card for their favorite ice cream shop (which is hopefully opening soon!) or one of those crazy fro-yo places with all the topping choices.

We rarely go out for ice cream, so this is truly a treat for my kiddos.

25. Movie Tickets

Oh, the movies. Remember the days when we used to be able to go the movies (writing this in 2020/2021)?

If movie theatres are open, this could be a great Easter gift (or an iTunes gift card to rent one OR a library rented DVD to watch as a family).

26. Playdough

This keeps kids occupied for hours. Get the store-bought kind or make your own with THIS recipe.

If you want to include them in the playdough making fun, tuck a pack of food coloring and the pre-mixed dry ingredients into their basket, instead.

Then you can make it together on Easter OR save it for the following week.

27. Puzzle Books

We don’t often buy books in our house, but we DO buy puzzle books.

Logic puzzles, Sudoku, maze books. All great ideas – IF you know you’ll actually use them. If you don’t think they will, skip it.

28. A Card Game

THIS card and dice game is cheap and one of our new favorites for my older kiddos (11, 9, 7).

Plus it’s small and super easy to include in an Easter basket.

But hey, Uno is a classic and works, too.

29. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

What else is there to say but YUM. I may or may not include these just because I love them and want to sneak some later on.

30. Pringles

These are something my kids adore, but we don’t buy all the time. And they come in cute little, Easter-basket sized containers.

31. Chocolate-covered Raisins or Peanuts

Again, maybe I’m thinking of myself here? At least they offer a little nutritional value…a tiny little bit.

32. Applesauce Pouches

If this isn’t a regular in your house, it could be a great Easter basket idea. My kids devour these!

33. Organic Fruit Snacks

Let’s be real here, fruit snacks (even THESE) are one [small] step up from candy. But something we can feel a little bit better about?

Fruit strips are another great alternative. Or if you really want to keep it healthy, dried fruit.

34. Beek Jerky

If this is your thing and it’s a treat, go for it.

35. Special Beverage

If they never get juice pouches, so they’re a special treat, throw those in!

Try to go for a brand with less sugar like Honest Kids.

Easter basket for kids with chocolate eggs and a bunny stuffed animal sitting next to it

The Last Thing to Remember about Easter Baskets

If you don’t want to do fancy Easter baskets: don’t do it.

You don’t have to join in with the Instagram-worthy trends. I mean, five years ago, lawn decorations for Halloween weren’t even a thing! And now, people are spending crazy amounts of time and money on them.

You don’t need to make Easter baskets the new Christmas if you don’t want to.

Feel free to go back to the days when parenting was simpler and stick to plastic eggs and candy.

If it was good enough for us at kids, it’s good enough for our kids, too.

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What do you put in Easter baskets for your kids? Leave some ideas in the comments!

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  1. We have a family basket for this year. I bought a couple of board games, small activities like legos & puzzles to add to our collection, play-doh, sidewalk chalk, and my favorite pecan eggs. We will have jelly beans too. The kids will get candy from the Easter egg hunt at our family gathering, so that’s plenty! I love the gift card idea! Maybe next year!

    1. Author

      Those sound like great ideas, Kacee! I’ll have to add to this list for next year.

  2. We have always included cascarones in our Easter celebration. We hollow out actual eggs (the eggs that we would use anyway for breakfast or whatever), dye them, and fill them with paper confetti. Then, you take them OUTSIDE and smash them on the heads of your sibling or friends. (Grandfathers also make enticing victims, especially if they have bald spots to use as targets!) The paper disintegrates quickly outside because it is so small, everyone has fun, and minimal money is spent. The eggs can also fill up a good bit of space in the basket.

    We always use the cascarones in our Easter egg hunt. Any eggs that do not get found do not become a problem!

    1. Author

      That’s a cool idea! I had to look up cascarones because I’ve never heard of them. Love.

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