round Ruggable rug on hardwood floor in kitchen

Inside: A balanced Ruggable review after owning, washing, and using Ruggable rugs for the past three years. I’m sharing five annoying features every buyer should know before they buy a Ruggable rug – all the things I wish I’d known three years ago.

Three years ago, we were fortunate enough to buy our first house from family.

And while the pandemic was horrible, the stimulus payments did help us invest in some furniture and decor for our new home, and I’m thankful for that.

Having thrown out my fair share of rugs in the past, I wanted to buy rugs that I wouldn’t need to replace a few years later.

Ruggable rugs seemed like the perfect solution, so I bought six of them. Yes – SIX.

Were they more expensive than the average non-washable rug? Yes. But I was willing to pay more for rugs that would last for at least a decade.

I really, really, really wanted the Ruggable brand to be the answer to all of my rug problems.

And they were…at first.

Three years later, I can’t recommend them as enthusiastically as I did in the beginning. Most of the problems started after I washed them (ironic, right?).

These are all the things I wish I had known about Ruggable rugs before buying: the things I wish other reviewers had shared.

I hope this Ruggable review gives you the information you need to make a good decision for your home.

curling edge of Ruggable rug in focus, underneath dining room table.
Edges Curling on Round Ruggable Rug (Moved from Bedroom to Kitchen)

5 Annoying Ruggable Rug Features

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Here are my top five issues with Ruggable rugs.

These are the things that annoy me the most about them and make me regret buying some of them.

And it’s not a passing annoyance. It’s more like a “in my face every day, think about it regularly” kind of annoyance.

Let’s start with the biggest problem.

curling edges on large area Ruggable rugs
Edges Curling after Washing an 8×10 Ruggable Rug

1. On the bigger rug sizes, the edges curl, which ranges from annoying to dangerous.

This problem is only with the large area rugs. But with the two larger rugs we have – one rectangle, one circle – they both have edge-curling issues.

This problem started only after I washed them.

At times, the curling/curled edges cause my kids to trip, which I think we can all agree is NOT a good thing.

The edges that don’t curl often end up being wavy and not lying flat like they did originally before washing.

I could try ironing them, but I mean, I don’t want to iron in general. And who wants to iron their rugs?!

I wonder if this is due to the rug pads being too small? There is about an inch all around between the rug and the rug pad for the bigger rugs.

If this problem was fixed, I might return to being a fan of all Ruggable rugs.

(Note: the rug pictured below is NOT a Ruggable rug.)

homeschool room with toys, comfy chairs and Safaveih rug - NOT a ruggable rug.
Safavieh Rug in Our “Homeschool Room”

2. Ruggable rugs are not as cushy and cozy-feeling as regular rugs.

I know, I know, they’re not supposed to be cushy. That’s the whole point of the whole washable bit.

But I really, really miss the cushy part with the larger area rugs for bedrooms and living rooms.

Perhaps if I’d upgraded the rug pad, this wouldn’t be a problem. But I don’t think the thicker ones were available when we bought them in 2020.

Several reviewers have noted that Ruggable rugs are amazing for kitchens and mud rooms, but not so great for bedrooms and living rooms. I agree.

I recently purchased THIS Safavaieh rug for our homeschool room with a rug pad, and I love it so much more than the Ruggable area rug in my boys’ bedroom.

black particles from Ruggable rug pad shown on back of Ruggable rug
Black Particles from Ruggable Rug Pad

3. Black particles separate from the rug pad and transfer to the rug itself, which gets worse over time.

Again, especially with the larger rugs, the black particles from the rug pad are overwhelming.

There are so many, they get left behind in the washer after washing the rug!

They also scatter onto the floor after I remove the rug for washing, which means I need to sweep up the black particles. They also sit in the washer through a wash or two.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the rug pads.

Maybe they wear out over time? Or maybe this problem is just unique to my rugs? Maybe I got a bad batch of rug pads?

Who knows. Whatever the reason, I don’t love the black stuff.

black and white Ruggable rug runner size shown in sun room.
Linear Diamond Black Runner on Tile

4. Ruggable rugs move on tile and carpet.

While they might stay put on hardwood as other reviewers claim, we have used ours on both tile and carpet. They slip on both.

I really like the runner (Linear Diamond Black Rug) that is on tile in our sun room, so I put up with it and readjust as needed.

We relocated the one on carpet to our laundry room that has vinyl flooring, and it seems to be faring better in that location.

But if you are planning to use these on tile or carpet, they probably won’t stay put unless you anchor them with furniture (see next picture).

5. For all of these issues, they’re super expensive.

I was very comfortable spending more than I’m used to on rugs IF they’re amazing rugs.

But with all of these issues? The bigger rugs just aren’t worth the investment to me.

As I already mentioned, when I redid our homeschool room, I went with a Safavieh rug with a decent rug pad, instead of a Ruggable rug.

The price point was better, and I love the rug so much! (Especially the cushy coziness.)

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multicolored Ruggable rug runner in mudroom leading to dryer
Linear Striped Multicolor Runner in Mudroom, Anchored with Dryer

What I Still Love About Ruggable Rugs

Despite all of the downsides, there are still several things to appreciate about Ruggable rugs, and they definitely deserve listing here.

Here’s what I still love about Ruggable.

1. They’re washable (duh).

The most obvious thing to love about Ruggable rugs: they’re washable.

I love that I can throw my runners in the washer and have them look as good as new.

Now throwing an 8×10 or 9×12 rug in the wash? Not as easy, but it’s doable. And again, the washer does seem to aggravate the curling issues for the larger size rugs.

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2. The rugs are made as they are ordered, which means less waste.

Less waste is always a good thing.

It did take a while to get the rug because of this feature, so keep that in mind.

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3. There are no PFAS in Ruggable rugs, and they use 50% recycled materials in their rug pads.

Another positive for the environment, Ruggable rugs claim to be PFAS-free.

With all the recent press around PFAS, not having as many in your house can only be a good thing, although they seem to be unavoidable, honestly.

Using recycled materials also wins some points for Ruggable.

4. The patterns are pretty and unique.

You cannot deny that Ruggable rugs are beautiful. They have so many unique patterns!

My favorite is probably our happy, multicolored mud room runner.

I especially love their holiday-themed rugs, although I haven’t bought one yet as I try to keep my holiday decor to a minimum.

Ruggable runner after a few months between washings

What Do Ruggable Rugs Look Like After Washing?

All of our problems started with the bigger rugs after we washed them.

We have a large round Ruggable rug in our master bedroom (not pictured) that still looks good…because it’s not been washed?

If you do wash your Ruggable rugs, make sure to follow the directions: wash cold on a gentle cycle with mild detergent, tumble dry on low heat.

If you’re curious how much of a difference washing makes, the picture above is what a Ruggable runner looks like a few months between washings.

And here’s what it looks like after washing…

after washing ruggable rug runner

The pictures don’t do it justice, but they are very close to their “just bought” look.

P.S. If you want to treat stains effectively, I highly recommend Puracy stain remover.

Would I Buy Them Again? Only Ruggable Runners

So here’s the big question: would I buy them again? I would buy the runners again, yes.

Except for the black particle issue, the other problems don’t apply to runners.

For whatever reason, the runners lay flat and the edges don’t curl with this particular size (the 2.5×7 AND the 2.5×10 are great).

My biggest issues with Ruggable rugs are the curling edges and the wrinkles. It’s so bad, I am seriously considering replacing the rug we have in the boys’ room with a different rug, or removing it altogether.

Neither of those crop up with the smaller size.

They do still move slightly on tile and wooden floors, but I can deal with that, too.

I would feel good about purchasing another Ruggable runner should the ones we have ever need replacing. They are perfect sizes for the rooms we use them in, and for the heavy traffic they hold up to, I like that they are washable.

blue night sky Ruggable area rug in bedroom

I Hope This Balanced Ruggable Review Saves You From a Pricey Purchase You Might Regret

I’ve seen a lot of “honest Ruggable reviews” posts. But for the most part, they were glowing reviews.

I wanted to offer a more balanced review, more thoroughly covering the drawbacks of Ruggable rugs.

I wanted to love Ruggable rugs, I did, because I love the concept! Buy a washable rug and keep them forever.

I saw them as an investment, and I trusted the rave reviews from others (especially the minimalists).

I wish I’d known about all the not-so-awesome features before I invested so much money in these rugs.

If I could go back, I’d just buy the Ruggable runners and use Safaveih rugs for bedrooms and living rooms.

Good luck with your rug-buying decision!

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  1. Thanks for the review! It was spot on. I will never buy a Ruggable again. Another thing I’ll add, or maybe that I missed, over time, the rug mat has a tendency to bunch up underneath and won’t lay flat, making it impossible to lay down the topper so it’s smooth. It’s also incredibly difficult to get the mat to match the topper – def a 2 person job. I’ve had two – one large square and one large circle rug. I just got rid of my last one this week – never again!

    1. Author

      Yikes! I haven’t experienced that yet – here’s hoping I don’t! Thanks so much for sharing for the benefit of others.

    2. Yes the black particles is a thing. I just bought a new rug with pad thinking maybe they improved this but the pad looks exactly the same,

  2. Ugh, our round Ruggable rug is curling something fierce around the edges after we washed it, it’s driving us crazy.

    Did you ever find a solution to it? We love the pattern but might have to replace it.

    I contacted Ruggable and they basically said it’s out of warranty so too bad. Or something like that.

    1. Author

      I didn’t. 🙁 Occasionally I’ll make the effort to try and roll the offending edge under in the opposite direction, which calms it down for a bit. But it usually comes back up eventually. Ironing may work, but really, who wants to iron their rugs? Not me – I don’t even iron clothes.

  3. Ruggable
    NO. NO WAY. Bought a small 2 x 3 rug for kitchen. Slid ALL OVER THE PLACE!!. Return was a nightmare!! DON”T Be mislead. This company DOES NOT CARE about it’s ‘customers”. DO NOT BUY!!

    1. Author

      Ugh, that’s so frustrating! I’m sorry you had that experience. The slipping on anything but hardwood can be annoying. I straighten the one we have on tile 4-5 times a week.

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