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Inside: Looking for a super basic spring daily uniform? You’re welcome to borrow from mine – the spring capsule wardrobe of a stay-at-home, work-from-home homeschooling mom of five who very rarely needs to dress up and doesn’t really care about fashion.

A few days ago, I tore apart my closet, pulling winter clothes off of hangers for storage. I sifted through my off season clothes bins, evaluating what to keep and what needed to go.

It *finally* feels like it just might be spring where we live. Here, April is always so much colder than you think it will be, and yesterday, it was 45 degrees a week into May – yes, MAY. 

And I swear, the second you dare to put away winter coats, it’s like the Poconos winter comes back to taunt you (or just legitimately warn you) with a, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Then it pays you back for your daring with a day of near freezing temps with a side of rain and flurries. 

But with April behind us and looking ahead at a forecast of near 70 degree temps, I think it’s safe to pull out the spring clothes and put together my spring daily uniform. 

You could call it a capsule wardrobe? But it’s really so much simpler than that.

I would definitely call it a uniform at this point. You’ll see what I mean…

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pieces of a spring daily uniform folded and arranged on a wooden surface.

My Spring Daily Uniform: A 19 Piece Spring Capsule Wardrobe

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After testing a daily uniform last summer, I’m on a mission to transition the rest of my wardrobe to the more extreme minimalism side of things.

As the world gets crazier and seems like it’s a never-ending dumpster fire, as my children get older and their problems get more complex and require more of me than before, I crave simplicity more than ever before. 

And in a family of seven, there are only a few areas where I have sole decluttering control, where I can unilaterally decide what to keep and what to get rid of. 

My wardrobe is one of those places.

Here are the pieces that make up my super basic spring daily uniform, which always boils down to a slightly varied combination of t-shirt, jeans, cardigan, and casual sneakers.

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J Crew Factory Vintage Slub Crewneck Tees (4)

THIS shirt is my go-to tee for spring and summer. I still love the heather graphite color and recently replaced a couple shirts that were worn out.

The only downside to this tee is that over time, it does tend to develop tiny holes at the very bottom middle of the shirt near the hemline.

I’m trying to tuck on the sides, instead, to see if that improves wear and tear.

J Crew Factory Girlfriend Crewneck Tees (2)

When I was afraid they were discontinuing the last tee – my favorite – I decided to give THIS slightly different t-shirt (also J Crew Factory) a try. 

A medium fits me perfectly – not fitted, but not too oversized. They’re on the longer side, enough to tuck in one side, which I love.

For reference, I’m 5 foot 5.5 inches, and I weigh 145-150, depending on the day. I also have a little “I had a lot of kids” belly.

I was hoping this would be a replacement for the vintage slub tee above. The fabric is a bit thicker, and it might hold up better over time.

…But I still find myself reaching for the vintage slub tee first 99% of the time.

J Crew Factory Cotton Scoop Neck Tee (1)

I hate dresses. I’ve managed to avoid wearing them altogether for five years now, with the unfortunate exception of my one funeral dress. 

The dressiest I get these days is a white tee, dark jeans and strappy sandals.

So I keep THIS white tee on hand for when I want a dressier look.

"Keep Homeschool Weird" dark gray graphic tee.

“Keep Homeschool Weird” T-Shirt (1)

My one remaining graphic tee – at least, one I wear outside the house. I get tons of compliments on it, mostly from homeschool parents, of course.

My version is dark gray and goes with anything. 

You can find them HERE

Blue Skinny Jeans (3)

I purchased three pairs of skinny jeans from Stitch Fix in the past few years. I don’t order fixes anymore – I buy a la carte. 

(If you want to get started with them, I would order at least one fix first – HERE is $25 off your first fix.)

I’m pear-shaped with a, how shall I put this? Generous backside.

The brands I’ve had good luck with are:

  • KanCan
  • 1822
  • Vigoss

And I’ll never ever go back to wide-legged or bell-bottom jeans and pants – no matter what Gen Z says. 

Skinny jeans for life!

Black Skinny Jeans (1)

THESE black casual joggers are a key part of my comfy minimalist winter wardrobe.

‘But I decided to try out THIS pair of stretchy black skinny jeans to change things up for spring. And so far, I love the more put together feeling jeans give you compared to the joggers.

If I could go back, I would size up – so if they ever fall apart, that’s what I’ll do.

close-up of black casual Walmart Sneakers outside on grass with dandelions.

Black Converse Knock-offs

True, but possibly embarrassing, story: I actually pulled these sneakers out of a Starbucks Drive Thru lane. They were laying in the flower bed, and I needed a new pair of sneakers.

Whether or not I should have grabbed them, I’m not sure. But when I looked them up and discovered they were THIS $10 pair of Walmart sneakers, I stopped feeling bad about it.

They washed up well, and I love them. In fact, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to justify spending more than $10 on a pair of casual sneakers again…

Tall yellow Crocs rainboots on welcome mat by glass slider door.

Yellow Crocs Rain Boots

I still cannot believe how every single time I wear these, I get compliments.

They sadly no longer sell the tall version. But if I ever need a replacement, I would likely buy THIS shorter version, instead.

The only thing to keep in mind about Crocs is they do shrink if left out in the sun!

Open Front Sweaters (3) 

I have three open front sweaters that I love.

They can easily be worn with the t-shirt colors I chose, or the jeans.

bottle cap earrings close up.

Earrings (2)

I sadly lost one of my favorite pairs of earrings a few months ago. 

I have two others:

The bottle cap earrings are my current go-to’s. 

What Else Is In My Spring Capsule Wardrobe? 

Most capsule wardrobes don’t include underwear, what you wear around the house, or pajamas. 

Here are a few key items I wanted to highlight.

A Quality Bra

I recently had a random kid-free hour at the mall, so I decided to do something I haven’t done in years: go bra shopping at Victoria’s Secret.

Last year, I tried Pepper bras (after breastfeeding five babies for years, the girls aren’t what they used to be). I exchanged twice, and still didn’t get one that fit perfectly. 

There’s just something about in person bra shopping where you can try on a variety of sizes and find something that fits you perfectly.

So I bought myself one high quality bra that fits me well, and it’s made a world of difference! T-shirts look and fit so much better when your bra fits you well. 

In fact, a friend asked me at the park the other day if I’ve lost weight. I said no, but maybe it was the bra??

If you’re in the market in the next year or so, Victoria’s Secret does have a free rewards program. They have an annual (or maybe semi-annual?) buy two get two free sale. 

Old Graphic Tees for Sleeping/Lounging

A couple years ago, I went through a graphic tee phase. For some reason, I was compelled to buy t-shirts that proclaimed my obsession with plants and reading and whatnot (I blame the Facebook ads).

Those t-shirts are still in find condition, but I wanted to transition to plain tees. So I moved almost all of my old graphic t-shirts – except the homeschool t-shirt – into pajama wear.

GAP Essential Sweatpants (2)

I’ll never forget my college roommate’s near religious habit of changing into “comfy pants” the second after she walked in the door from classes. 

Ever since I got THESE jogger sweatpants (for free using THIS method) this winter, I find myself doing the same thing.

It’s something I truly love to do towards the end of the day: change out of my jeans into sweatpants. I’ll miss them so SO much when summer hits!

Great Socks

Like a good bra, socks can make or break your day and your wardrobe. 

I have several pairs of no-show socks from GAP (again: free) for my low-cut sneakers.

I also have several pairs of THESE Bombas ankle socks that I wear with the rainboots – they don’t come off – or around the house with slippers. I cannot express adequately in words how much joy these socks bring me!

Hand-Me Down Crocs

I may or may not have adopted my 12-year-old’s old crocs.

But they are perfect for slipping into to run to Dollar General or to take the trash to the dump. 

Best part? I didn’t have to agonize over all those color choices or shell out over $50 for a pair of “run to DG and the trash” shoes. 

Strappy Platform Sandals

I got these for free from Old Navy. I don’t count them as a piece because I rarely wear them.

But they’re handy for when I get invited to anything that requires me to step it up a notch, like a baby shower. 

Large GAP Tote Bag

Are bags supposed to count as part of capsule wardrobes? I never change mine, so I don’t know.

I’m in that weird place where my youngest is old enough to not need to cart around diapers and toys anymore, but I’m not quite sure what size bag to buy. So I keep my very old and falling apart tote bag.

When I do replace it, I’ll likely get a bag from THIS company in some shape/size.

Spring capsule wardrobe outfit picture in bathroom with black and white world map shower curtain in background.

“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” Definitely Applies to Wardrobes

Fast fashion wants to keep us coming back for more over and over again.

But once you find that perfect staple t-shirt or those perfect jeans, why keep shopping? Unless they stop selling them, stick with what you know works. 

You’ll eliminate costs of constantly upgrading your wardrobe AND wasted time spent shopping and making decisions.

Remember: what you wear doesn’t matter all that much. Most people really don’t notice if you wear the same thing all the time.

So if you’re like me and simple brings you joy, whittle your wardrobe down to a few key staples that you KNOW work for you and rock your daily uniform all spring long (and every other season, too).

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Do you have a spring daily uniform? Any tried and true staple pieces you think other moms would love? Share in the comments!


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  1. Also I love skinny jeans too!!! No wide leg here beauty of loving ur own style and what ur comfy in 😊

  2. Love the post!! I do a bunch of factory tees. I’m same way tee jeans and sandals in Jersey. Hope u and ur family are well. Happy Mother’s Day


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