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Inside: The best books for little boys can be difficult to find. We love helping other parents by sharing the books our little boys (ages 4-7) love best.

Ever have a child request the same book over and over again? And you just can’t figure out what makes that book that book?

It happens around here all the time, but finding those books for boys is difficult, at least for me. Call it luck, but I happened upon quite a few unexpected favorites.

Some of my five-year-old son’s favorite picture books are ones that I would never in a million years have guessed would be hits. But something about these books appealed to his little, five year old boy self: he asks for them over and over again.

Maybe it’s just that five-year-old boys are interesting creatures in general, and I’m not one (obviously). Maybe I’ll never understand my boys fully, but with three sons, I’m working hard to figure them out.

Sometimes, these books have me scratching my head, wondering what exactly makes them so special and appealing to young boys.

But hey, if something works, it works. So I say, just go with it!

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Having boys at our poetry teatimes has forced me to search high and low for funny poetry that boys will enjoy.

We sip water from dainty tea cups while reading Roald Dahl’s hilarious (and sometimes grotesque) poetry.

My boys LOVE it: it instantly inspires them to write poetry! Come to think of it, my seven-year-old daughter giggles right along with them, so these books are probably great for girls, too.

Or perhaps that’s just what having lots of brothers will do to a girl?

As a side note, if your child is asking to read the same books over and over again, it’s a pretty good indication that they are hovering on the brink of reading readiness.

Keep up the repetition, even it bores you to tears. They are making critical connections while you read.

I’m sharing with you all the best books for boys from this past year, just in case you’re also a parent to little boys who is struggling to pick out good books, too.

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The Best Books for Little Boys


Moo! by David LaRochelle

A mischievous cow named Moo takes the farmer’s car for a wild ride. Will a bump in the road slow her down?

Younger kiddos will love this board book that tells quite a tale with just one world.

Oh No! Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World

When a young inventor builds a giant robot for her science fair project, chaos ensues when it ends up loose in her city. She quickly realizes she didn’t build in any skills for stopping the destruction.

This graphic novel in picture form will appeal to a wide range of ages.

Levi Strauss Gets a Bright Idea

When the California miners are losing all their gold through their holey pockets, Levi Strauss comes to the rescue!

This historical tale filled with both fact and fiction tells the story of how the jeans we now where every day came into being.

It’s Monday, Mrs. Jolly Bones!

Mrs. Jolly Bones has a unique way of tackling her housework. With a pig, cow, chicken, and bunny by her side, her usual weekly chores become a little unusual.

This silly picture book will leave both parents and kid laughing out loud.

Warning! Do Not Open This Book

Do you dare open this book? Maybe you shouldn’t. Or maybe you should!

The author takes readers on a wild adventure filled with monkeys, toucans, and an alligator with very wide jaws.

Young readers will want to keep turning the pages to see what silly thing happens next!

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The Bear Who Wasn’t There

Bear is missing from the pages of his own book. Duck doesn’t seem the least bit concerned.

The rest of the animals provide suggestions on Bear’s whereabouts, but who will actually find him?

Green Pants

Jameson loves green pants and wears them everywhere he goes. He is thrilled when his cousin asks him to be a part of her wedding—until he finds out he will need to wear black pants.

Can Jameson figure out a way to still be a part of his cousin’s wedding while staying true to himself?

The Power of Henry’s Imagination

Henry’s stuffed rabbit, Raspberry, is missing. After Henry’s family searches for Raspberry with no success, Henry’s grandfather suggests he use his imagination to find the bunny.

A story about the power of love of friendship.

We Forgot Brock!

Philip and Brock are best friends, but this is no ordinary friendship. Philip is the only one who can see Brock.

When Philip accidentally leaves Brock at the fair, the two pals miss each other terribly. Will they ever be able to find each other?

Library Lion

Miss Merriweather, the head librarian, is very strict about the rules of the library.

When a lion shows up for a visit, no one is sure what to do, but the lions seems to fit right in. When something bad happens, the lion comes to the rescue.

Maybe some rules are meant to be broken after all?

Dirty Beasts

In this collection of poems by beloved author Roald Dahl, mischievous and mysterious animals are the stars of the show.

This collection of crazy characters will bring a smile to children and adults alike.

Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum

Gum has been around for centuries, but bubble gum wasn’t invented until 1928.

This book is full of fun facts about the history of the popular Dubble Bubble gum.

The Wolf Who Cried Boy

Little Wolf is tired of eating the same thing for dinner night after night. What he really wants is a serving of Boy!

While he walks home one day, he begins to shout, “Boy! Boy!” But what happens when a boy actually comes along?

This book is a new twist on a classic tale.

The Super Hungry Dinosaur

When a hungry T-rex threatens to eat Hal, his parents, and the family dog, Hal must outsmart this hungry beast.

This book will delight all dinosaur lovers.

The Little House

This classic book is the story about a little house that starts out living in the country, but as the years go by, her surroundings change into a bustling city.

She soon grows to dislike this new environment and finds a way to return home to the countryside.

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

Sylvester is thrilled to find a magic pebble that grants wishes. But when a lion jumps out at him on his way home, Sylvester finds that making a wish has unexpected consequences.

After overcoming a series of obstacles, Sylvester is eventually reunited with his family.


Honeyguide and Badger have always made a great team. Honeyguide finds the honeycomb and Badger breaks it open.

But when Badger keeps the honey all to himself, Honeyguide decides to teach Badger a lesson.

Going Places

Rafael likes to follow instructions. Maya likes to think outside of the box.

When Maya, Rafael and the rest of their classmates are given a chance to build and race a go-cart, Rafael learns that maybe thinking outside of the box isn’t so bad after all.

There Are Monsters Everywhere

Monsters lurk in every corner of this little boy’s house (or at least in every corner of his imagination). With newly learned karate skills, he can finally conquer his fear of monsters.

This book is full of fun illustrations that will leave all readers rooting for the main character. 

A Birthday for Cow

Pig and Mouse are trying to make Cow a fabulous birthday cake. But Duck keeps insisting that a turnip be added to the mix. Perhaps Duck knows a secret they don’t?

A cute book with simple text and illustrations perfect for preschool age kiddos. 

Moo Moo in a Tutu

When Moo Moo decides to become a ballerina, her best friend, Mr. Quackers, isn’t too sure about the idea, but cheers her on anyway.

This is a sweet story about friendship and trying something new. 

A Bad Case of Stripes

Camilla loves lima beans, but she won’t admit that to her classmates because she wants to fit in. One morning, she comes down with a bad case of stripes.

As the stripes change shape and her appearance gets even stranger, Camilla becomes even more worried about what people think of her. A book that explores the importance of being true to yourself.  

Clever Jack Takes the Cake

When Jack gets invited to the princess’s birthday party, he must figure out what to give her. He decides to make her a cake.

But when the cake slowly disappears on the way to the castle, Jack ends up giving the princess something even better—an adventurous story!  

Sam, the Most Scaredy-cat Kid in the Whole World

Sam is scared of everything except for his monster friend, Leonardo. Kerry is scared of everything too, except for her monster friend, Frankenthaler.

When Sam and Kerry meet, they are both scared of each other. But they discover that isn’t the only thing they have in common. A sweet and funny book about unexpected friendship. 

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I Dare You Not to Yawn

In this perfect book to read before bed, the narrator gives silly tips for ways to avoid yawning. Because of course, yawning leads to bed-time!

This cute, cleverly written book will draw out yawns from everyone following along. 

I Love You, Already!

Bear wants nothing more than to spend a quiet morning by himself. Duck wants nothing more than to go on a morning walk with Bear.

Even though Duck drives Bear a little crazy, Bear loves him all the same. A sweet and funny story about friendship. 

Round Robin

A young robin has to overcome various obstacles while he heads south for the winter.

A story of adventure that takes some unexpected fun twists. 

Not Norman: A Goldfish Story

A young boy is disappointed in his pet goldfish, Norman, and can’t wait to trade him in for a new pet. But as he tries to get rid of Norman, he realizes that Norman is actually a great pet after all.

A funny story about finding happiness in unexpected places. 

Goodnight Already

Bear is exhausted and all he wants to do is go to sleep. But his neighbor Duck is wide awake, and wants nothing more than to hang out with Bear.

Will either of them end up getting what they want? A fun book to read at bed-time, especially for those kiddos that have a hard time falling asleep. 

How to Get a Job…By Me, The Boss

In this 3rd installment in the “How To” book series, the author hilariously describes a variety of different jobs you can have when you grow up, including silly tips on how to nail that job interview!

Perfect for kids who like to play pretend. 

Frog and Toad All Year

Come along with beloved characters, Frog and Toad, as they have fun through all the seasons.

This book holds multiple stories, and is great for kiddos that can mostly read on their own but still might need a little help. 

That’s (Not) Mine

Two friends argue over which one gets to sit in a big comfy chair. They both claim it as their own. Will they ever decide to share?

Kids will certainly relate to the feelings both characters have throughout this tale, and will enjoy the fun ending.  

Helpful Hint to Find Great Picture Book Read Alouds

If you are looking for more great books, be sure to check out The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease. A few of these titles came from this reading treasury, and I would never have found them on my own. Happy reading!

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What are your favorite books for little boys? Share in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the list. Just wanted to let you know that the description of Sylvester and the Magic Pebble is incorrect. I’m a believer in the fact that you can never own too many books. With Covid we aren’t able to go to the library so luckily Amazon brings us a book a day.

    1. Author

      Thanks so much Susan! I was able to make the edits. 🙂

  2. Hi there, ‘A Hero Is’ is a great book for little boys that empowers them to be everyday heroes. It focuses on heroic qualities such as compassion, loyalty, resourcefulness and doing right. My son loved it.

  3. This looks like a great list of books for young children. What I can’t seem to understand is why this blogger feels these books are inappropriate for young girls. These books are fantastic for children of any gender, not just boys.

    1. Author

      Hi Gen! I definitely agree they are good for both genders. I simply had a much harder time finding books my boys enjoyed and loved reading over and over again, as compared to oldest, a daughter. (She enjoyed these as well!) I titled it this way so parents having a difficult time finding books for little boys would be able to find it.

      1. (Sigh… June, I wish more people would remember the old saying, “If you can’t find something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.) I was delighted to find your list! Boys and girls ARE different, and it’s nice to find someone with experience who can aid us in finding things that boys will like. Boys and girls like some of the same things, but quite often, do not.

        1. Author

          Thank you Sally! It’s so true.

  4. My grandson has not yet became interested in books. He just turned three. I did,however, see a couple of books in your book list that may get his attention! Thank you!! I have loved this site!!!

  5. It’s really lucky for me to find this awesome book list for boys. My son is a five-year-old bookworm. I will add these books to my bookshelf and read with my kids. Thank you so much.

  6. I do storytime at my B&N so I love finding lists of recommended books especially for boys. David LaRochelle is a fave of mine, too. When I first heard that Moo consisted of only that word, I was a little hesitant, but when I saw all the crazy stuff happening, I realized it was all in the delivery, and the kids loved it! Have you read his It’s a Tiger? I try to read it every year because it’s just so fun.

    1. Author

      I’ll have to check that one out. We love good book recommendations – thanks so much!

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