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Inside: Looking for Christmas present ideas for mom that also support small business? This list has over 15 gifts mom is sure to love, that also keep the lights on for a small business owner this year.

There isn’t a lot on my Christmas list most years. I’m probably the most frustrating mom to buy Christmas presents for.

This year is no different. We bought our first home this summer, and after all the purchases that went into a new home, I’m honestly tired of buying stuff.

It probably doesn’t help that I’m also a minimalist.

That being said, when my husband and kids ask me what I want for Christmas or my birthday (also December), I try to come up with at least one physical gift.

Kids can have a difficult time grasping the experience gift concept. There’s just something about physically wrapping a present and putting it under the tree for mom that can’t be replicated by experience gifts.

This year, I sat a bit, thinking of things I could put on my “Christmas present ideas for mom” list.

But if I had to come up with something, I didn’t want to put just anything on this. I wanted to come up with ideas that supported small business.

Small businesses have been put through the ringer this year. Many didn’t survive.

Many are hanging by a thread and hoping against hope to stay alive through 2021. Hoping that this holiday season will bring in enough revenue so they can see another year.

So this list of Christmas present ideas for mom only contains products (or services) you can purchase from small businesses.

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Why Buy Christmas Presents from Small Businesses? (it ain’t always cheap)

There are 33.2 million small businesses in the U.S.

What exactly constitutes “small”? I asked the same question when coming up with the present ideas on this list.

The Small Business Association defines small business as a firm which has fewer than 500 employees (source).

Editor’s Note: I did my best to find out whether each business is truly “small”, but I didn’t always succeed. If I wasn’t sure, but the company’s mission was fantastic, it made it onto this gift guide.

However, you’ll find that many of the products on this list are created by businesses that are much smaller than that. Many of these small businesses are made up of a small team, or only a single entrepreneur (many are mompreneurs, actually).

But your second thought after looking through the list is probably, these present ideas aren’t exactly cheap.

You can get a Yankee Candle or a graphic tee on sale this Christmas season for $10 at the local mall…

So why buy something from a small business, instead?

When you support your favorite small business, you are guaranteeing that that creator stays in business. You’re also ensuring that someone else can buy groceries, keep a roof over their heads or pay off debt.

I’m a little bit biased here, too, since I am a small business owner myself. But buying from a small business owner feels a little bit like giving…except I get something I need in return. How cool is that?

I’m nowhere near perfect: I love Amazon as much as the next busy mom (especially since we moved to the boonies and the nearest Target is, gulp, 40 minutes away). And sometimes I do choose Amazon or Target over small business.

But I’m realizing that you don’t need to be a small business purist to make a difference.

I take advantage of the Black Friday Buy 2, Get 1 free book deal Amazon offers almost every holiday season (we homeschool:we buy a lot of books).

But the next month, I’ll put in an order from Bookshop, instead.

If I happen to be at a Target (rare, these days) and I need more Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap, I’ll grab a bottle. Otherwise, I get a shipment from Grove Collaborative most months.

You can mix and match! Stuff mom’s stocking with the smaller items you can grab on sale, but choose the main Christmas present for mom from this list.

Every single small business purchase makes a big difference and means more to that small business owner than you’ll ever know.

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A Word On MLMs…

Here’s the deal. You don’t need to love MLMs.

They can feel really yucky and be done really poorly. They can cause relationships to be broken and friendships to sour. I’ve been there – I get it.

But there are also moms who genuinely love a product and have found it helpful. And they are able to help support their family telling others about a product they love and have benefitted from.

So please don’t turn up your nose at every MLM. Keep an open mind, listen to your gut either way and make purchases wisely.

Buy from companies – and people – you believe in and love supporting.

Personally, I make semi-regular purchases from two MLMs – Young Living and Beauty Counter. I don’t sell them myself, but I love supporting the people who do!

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15+ Christmas Present Ideas for Mom

1. Candles

I absolutely adore candles, no matter what the essential oil people say.

But I have heeded their advice just a tad by swapping my beloved Yankee Candle habit with non-toxic soy candles.

The best thing about ditching Yankee Candle is being able to support a small business owner who makes candles in small batches.

There are so many small candle sellers to choose from – my older children were actually making them for a time before the 2020 madness hit.

Currently, my favorite Etsy seller is Melissa at Bloke and Dame. She makes her candles in small batches with non-toxic ingredients, and they are awesome!

Shop Block and Dame candles HERE.

2. A Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are super popular right now! It’s kind of the gift that keeps on giving, and there is that fun element of surprise where you truly don’t know what that next box is going to contain.

Most boxes can be purchased in 3, 6, or 12 month quantities.

You can shop subscription boxes of all kinds (many created by small businesses) for mom in one place at CrateJoy.

Shop CrateJoy HERE.

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3. A Letterboard

By 2020, who doesn’t have a letterboard, I ask you? But if your mom doesn’t have one, she probably wants one.

These offer so much flexibility for simple decor PLUS making documenting birthdays, first days of school, and any other event easier.

Letterfolk is probably the most well-known seller of all things letterboards, and I’m pretty sure they were responsible for their surge in popularity.

While Letterfolk definitely started as a small business, I’m not sure of their current status.

So if you’re wanting to go SMALL small business – as in one or two creators running the show – check out letterboards on Etsy instead. THIS one is fantastic!

Shop Letterboards on Etsy HERE.

blue couch with yellow and canvas throw pillow with words "grace upon grace"

4. Inspirational Word Art

Word art is one of the best forms of art, in my opinion!

Whether it be on a sign on the wall or on throw pillows, having a home filled with words that encourage and inspire us to see the good, have grace for others, or to choose joy, is so important in this crazy, chaotic world.

Rooted and Grounded is my go-to place for all of those things, and there is truly something for everyone.

Shop Inspirational Home Décor HERE.

5. Jewelry

Is the mom in your life a jewelry-lover?

There are so many options for purchasing jewelry these days, but my friend Amy sells jewelry through a company called Plunder.

My favorite part is how affordable the pieces are! And she gets to earn a living selling something she loves.

Shop Plunder Jewelery HERE.

6. Graphic Tee

These are my biggest clothing temptation of all time. Facebook ads know my weakness, too!

If I wasn’t on a no clothes buying challenge, I would have a closet full by now. Pretty sure graphic tees plus jeans are going to be my new personal uniform next year.

But I digress…

If your mom is a graphic tee kinda gal, Etsy’s full of options.

Shop my graphic tees HERE.

7. Books

Giving a favorite book of your own OR a book you know is on mom’s Christmas wishlist is always a great (and safe) choice.

If she doesn’t end up reading it, she can pass it along to a friend or donate it to the local library (or put it into one of those adorable tiny libraries).

Or support your favorite author by purchasing their book to give to a friend.

As much as I love the prices on Amazon, there are other ways to buy books that support small business.

The best option is to purchase a book directly from a local bookstore. But 2020 being…well, 2020…an online option that also supports local bookstores is Bookshop.

They offer a huge selection of books, and a portion of the proceeds goes back to local bookstores.

Shop BookShop HERE.

gray bedside table with white lamp, macrame coaster and mason jar with ice water

8. Macrame Coasters or Plant Hangers

Macrame is everywhere these days in home decor: coasters, plant hangers, wall hangings.

When I came across a fellow homeschool mama who creates these things by hand and runs her own small business, I knew I had to get the word out!

By His Hand Design offers beautiful, handmade macrame products that you can check out HERE.

Personally, I purchased THESE coasters to save some of our refinished tabletops from all the dripping beverages. I prefer them to stone or ceramic coasters that don’t seem to fully absorb the condensation from the glasses.

Shop By His Hand Design HERE.

9. Family Photography Session

I love this Christmas present idea! Nothing says love to mom like family members agreeing to dress up and spend an hour or so taking pictures.

The price tag can be a bit high, depending on your budget, but I have a few photographer friends. They absolutely love their work and demand excellence of themselves and their photos.

You’re paying for so much more than just the hour or so that they spend with your family. You’re paying the time and attention to detail on the backend, when they sift through the photos for the best ones and professionally edit them.

Quality family photos are truly priceless.

For Christmas day presentation, you could wrap a quality picture frame and put the gift certificate inside for mom to find.

Editor’s Note: Make sure to confirm with the photographer when the session needs to be used by the following year, so mom’s Christmas present doesn’t expire!

Ruggable black and white patterned rug with burgundy slippers and white socks

10. Slippers

I heard about Kyrgies through several podcasts, so when we moved North and the time came to purchase slippers, I knew where to go.

I purchased the low-back style for my daughter (I’ve borrowed them from time to time, as well). They are super warm and comfy!

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure whether Krygies still qualifies as a “small business”, but I’m throwing it in here anyways.

If you haven’t read their company’s mission, be sure to check it out. Each pair of slippers is made by hand, they pay their employees a living wage, and they are a member of 1% for the planet.

11. Socks

I forgot how much having delightful, cozy, quality socks are when you live where it’s cold!

Treat mom to a few pairs of truly amazing socks when you buy her present from Bombas.

If you’re wincing at the price tag (I did for a minute), know that for every pair you buy, Bombas donates a pair to the homeless. And that’s worth paying a little more for.

12. Local Coffee

Is mom a coffee connoisseur? Take the time to look into local coffee shops in your area, and whether or not they sell their own locally roasted coffee beans.

If she has a roast preference (she probably does), try to find a roast comparable to the one she already enjoys, so she’s sure to love it!

Alternatively, if mom is the adventurous type, try something new and different, instead.

13. Leggings

If there was ever a time in history to give leggings as a Christmas present, NOW IS THE TIME.

Not having a significant number of comfy sweats and leggings before I started my no new clothes challenge is my number one regret.

LuLaRoe may not be as big as it once was, and while I’m not a fan of the rest of their clothes, they have an obvious reputation for their buttery-soft leggings. You can only purchase LuLaRoe through individual retailers (a.k.a small business owners).

See what Ashley has in stock HERE.

Can’t find what you need? I’m sure she can connect you with another retailer who has what you’re looking for.

14. House Cleaning Session(s)

This one you may require a little bit of research on your part. Ask friends and family or consult Google for your area to find a house cleaning small business (i.e. not a huge company).

I don’t know one mom that wouldn’t be thrilled to discover house cleaning as a Christmas present!

black side table with authenticity quote calendar and blue lamp on it

15. Inspirational Quote Calendar

Are you a sucker for following Instagram or Facebook accounts that share inspirational quotes? I sure am!

Well now you don’t need to get on social media to be inspired every day.

Ericka Layne, founder of the Life on Purpose Movement, wanted to bring these quotes into people’s homes. But she wanted to make the product reusable and have it also serve a purpose: combine quotes with a daily calendar.

Purchase your box HERE.

(Yes, it’s sold on Amazon, but the small business owner gets a large portion of the proceeds, similar to self-publishing with Amazon).

16. Essential Oils

If mom is already an essential oils lover, this is a no-brainer Christmas gift idea.

If not, but you’ve seen mom eyeing a starter kit or she’s mentioned it from time to time – typically comes with a diffuser and starter set of essential oils – Christmas is the perfect occasion to give it to her!

There are probably people in your life who are super enthusiastic about essential oils and sell them (or at least, friends of mom who do). Find some casual way to get their info in order to get mom her gift.

If you don’t know someone locally, my friend Kelly finally talked me into taking the plunge with essential oils (I mainly use their Thieves cleaner and the more citrusy scented essential oils on our wool dyer balls).

You can connect with Kelly HERE.

17. Skin Care Products

This one might be tricky to purchase for mom if you don’t know her skin type, or she doesn’t already have a skincare or makeup product she loves. But again, if you’ve seen her eyeing a certain product, this could be the perfect Christmas present!

I’ve recently been seriously impressed with Beauty Counter skincare products.

Maybe it’s middle age? But my skin seems to be against me and over-the-counter products weren’t cutting it anymore.

Instead of going back to something like Clinique, I decided 1) to go with something non-toxic and 2) if I was going to spend a good chunk of change on my skin, I should at least support a fellow mama while I was at it.

As fate would have it, I saw my friend Lisa just started selling Beauty Counter products. She was SO helpful and walked me through the process of selecting the products that were right for me.

Connect with Lisa on Instagram HERE.

If you’re not sure what mom really wants, you could always purchase a gift card.

18. Babysitting

Just like house cleaning, I don’t know one mom who would turn down babysitting!

If you don’t have a trusted babysitter already, make some calls and find one. You can’t go wrong with this present idea.

Go the Extra Mile This Christmas (for mom & small business)

Sometimes, supporting small business can take more energy and time. It’s so much easier to fill up your cart at a typical online retailer can call it a day.

But if you go the extra mile this year and find a small business to support, those big places probably won’t hurt that much without your business.

For small businesses, on the other hand, every customer means so much. Every customer counts.

You can make mom’s Christmas AND their Christmas awesome at the same time. And that’s absolutely worth the extra effort.

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