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Inside: Shopping for minimalist moms can be tricky. After all, no one wants to give someone a gift that causes stress and anxiety (or that they’ll secretly return). In the interest of helping you give a clutter-free gift, I’ve curated this list of 40 gifts for minimalist moms to make gift-giving easier, with items for every budget.

Minimalist moms. We’re the last ones to get crossed off the shopping list on Christmas, and when our birthdays (or Mother’s Day) come around, you’re probably secretly thinking, “Didn’t I just go through this torture at Christmas?!”

On behalf of all of us, I want to say, “Yes, I know we are notoriously hard to buy for, and I’m sorry.”

But while I can’t speak for every minimalist mom, for me just anticipating any gift-giving occasion can be a source of stress and anxiety – I’m getting anxious about Christmas in September, y’all. Not kidding.

But there’s hope! As a minimalist mom myself, I’d be pretty darn happy to receive anything on this list.

Most of these are practical, consumable or experience gifts, with a few being gifts that could be considered clutter depending on the person.

Know your person, always always ALWAYS include a gift receipt, and at the end of the day, it really is thought that counts.

P.S. Gift cards are always a solid back-up plan!

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Minimalist gift wrapping with natual decorations - fir branches, cinnamon sticks

Best Gifts for Minimalist Moms Who Dread Gift-Giving


Chances are the minimalist mom in your life also doesn’t love storing gift bags or alternatively, is uncomfortable with all the waste create by gift wrapping.

So if you can also wrap your gift in reusable wrapping – try any of these fantastic eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas, you’ll be doing her (and her future gift recipients) a favor.

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1. House Cleaning Session

I don’t know a single mom who wouldn’t jump up and down or cry tears of joy when presented with a session for house cleaning.

If you want to inspire pure bliss come Christmas morning, Mother’s Day or her birthday, get mom a Gift Certificate for House Cleaning.

You can check Groupon first for deals, but these can be hit or miss.

Better to get personal recommendations from friends or family who have a house cleaner who comes on a regular basis and can vouch for the quality of their work.

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pink notebook with black wireless ear pods on top

2. Ear Pods

My husband decided to snag (not Apple brand) ear pods for both of us on Prime Day. I didn’t expect them to be life-changing, but MAN, they got me: life-changing.

Now I can wash dishes and watch an adult show on my phone, even with kiddos around. I can run without worrying about headphone cords not being long enough.

Plus, we’ve found that Apple headphones start to glitch after 3-6 months of use. At $30 a pair, that’s…annoying.

People say the Apple ones are good, but $200. YIKES. THIS set has worked just fine for us now for two months at a fraction of the price.

3. Stitch Fix Gift Card

I realize that other stylist subscription boxes have popped up over the past year or two, but I still love Stitch Fix.

I’ve only received two boxes, but they’ve both been mostly on point. Now I purchase things à la carte when I need something – mostly jeans, but I purchased a favorite sleeveless top this summer, as well.

Make sure to tell mom to be VERY specific when she fills out the questionnaire, including whether or not she wants to avoid specific styles and care requirements.

4. Bombas Socks

I have Bombas socks on my Christmas wish list. I know it’s a crazy price…for SOCKS.

But I have it on good authority (a friend) that these socks are the real deal. Plus, for every pair you buy, they give a pair to the homeless.

I love their mission and am excited to get these on my feet soon.

(As a minimalist living where there are long, cold winters, I am a firm believer that you can never have too many socks. Stuff your sock drawer until it’s full – as long as it still opens, you’re good.)

5. Vuori Joggers

After seeing a gazillion Facebook ads for these, I finally ordered a pair of these joggers because I needed to find *something* my “extremely sensitive to fabrics” daughter would wear this winter.

She’s sized out of all our trusty kid clothing brands and has decided all adults are crazy because they say certain clothes are comfy (she vehemently disagrees).

I guess I’m $84 worth of desperate, y’all. And thank goodness I took the risk because they’re worth every stinking penny. Leggings are for the birds; get mom these joggers, instead.

Note: Size down for a more legging-like fit, and stick to her regular size for a looser fit, more jogger-like fit.

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6. Camera OR New Phone

If mom has been eying a new phone for a while, a gift-worthy occasion like her birthday or Christmas are the perfect time to surprise her.

And let’s be real: moms take A LOT of photos.

These are the photos that the family will look through for decades to come. If mom doesn’t seem like the type who wants to learn how to use a professional camera and will just default to pulling out her phone on the regular, then stick to the new phone.

On the other hand, if she’s expressed interest in photography and her current phone is working for her, the camera could make a great gift!

7. Quality Gloves

Again, I’m speaking from a long winter state, but quality gloves are WORTH the investment.

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.”

Scandinavian Mantra

She’ll be able to stay outside longer with toasty warm hands for all the things – snowball fights, shoveling snow or long winter walks.

8. Matching Velvet Coat Hangers

This is something minimalist moms secretly want, but most likely wouldn’t buy themselves. At least not this minimalist mom.

Marie Kondo, Courtney Carver and so many other minimalist bloggers highly recommend replacing all the hangers in your closet with quality, matching velvet coat hangers.

Her clothes won’t fall off the hangers, and she’ll love her closet. Pair it with a Stitch Fix Gift Card if you like.

white minimalist books on bookshelf

9. Books

So many minimalist moms I know are readers – you know, the ones who always have a book in their bag, and a stack on their nightstand. The ones who consider their library card one of their most prized possessions.

Plus, books are extremely easy to pass along once you’re done reading them, making it a potentially great gift if the mom in your life loves to read.

  • Little Free Libraries
  • Actual Libraries
  • Used Bookstores
  • Reader Friends

Stick to her genre of choice, or broaden her horizons with a book you personally adored and want her to experience the goodness, too.

If she loves the book, she’ll keep it. If she doesn’t, she’ll be able to declutter it with ease.

10. Kindle

Speaking on reading, does mom have a kindle? Or an old school, non-paperwhite kindle that desperately needs replacing?

A new paperwhite kindle (now waterproof) can be the very thing to make reading a truly clutter-free hobby. No decluttering required!

I’ve often wondered if I would like Kindle books more if we had a paperwhite Kindle that felt more like a physical book… Because at this point, I have such a hard time giving up physical books.

11. Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Pair that Kindle with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription for ultimate bookworm bliss.

We get a Kindle Unlimited Subscription a few months out of the year, cancelling for the months we don’t have specific books in mind.

But honestly, we found that there are so many quality books available through this subscription, it’s worth having at least a few months a year for the price.

12. Audiobook Subscription

Is mom more of an audiobook gal? Give her an Audible subscription.

She’ll get one audiobook a month for her listening pleasure, and build up an audiobook library.

But if mom is NOT a “rereader” (or relistener, in this case) OR she is a voracious reader going through several audiobooks a month, Audible may not be the best choice. Try Scribd, instead.

Although a warning: if you listen to too many books a month, they WILL restrict your account in some ways until the next month begins.

kalimba, white picture frame with quote, and anker speaker on mantle

13. Anker Speaker

My husband got me this little speaker for Christmas a few years ago, and we use it all the time. It’s a decent little bluetooth speaker for the price and obviously super portable.

My only complaint is it’s yet another thing to charge.

14. Mani/Pedi

For some moms, this is something they already treat themselves to on the regular. That’s not me, and I’m assuming it’s not anywhere close to all moms everywhere.

Make sure to pair this with guaranteed babysitting time if mom has little ones.

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15. Car Detailing

I don’t care what ages your kids are, if they’ve been in your car, it’s probably gross. My husband has dreams of a second car where no snacks or drinks are allowed…to which I say, “Good luck with that”.

Someone else cleaning out the car is the dream. She’ll love it, trust me.

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16. An Appliance She’s Been Wanting

Has mom been meaning to replace the toaster? Toaster oven/air fryer (we have this one and love it)? Washer? Refrigerator?

Her birthday or Christmas is the perfect occasion to give her that appliance she’s been wanting. If it’s a bigger ticket item, now’s the time to round up the siblings and get dad in on the action to make it happen.

17. Coffee and/or Coffee Fixings

Does mom adore coffee?

I honestly scratch my head at the moms who find ways to survive motherhood without a reliable caffeine source (soda doesn’t cut it). How. Do. They. Do. it.

If she loves to try new roasts, pick up a pound of local beans. Or give her a pound of your favorite roast.

But if she’s a “I just like what I like”, kind of girl, give her a pound of her favorite coffee with a fun new fixing like…

  • Syrup of Choice (Vanilla, Hazelnut, Raspberry)
  • Spoons with Chocolate and Peppermint
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Cinnamon with a Coffee-House-Style Shaker

Avoid new coffee mugs unless you know for sure she collects them or love them.

Coffee mugs are the subject of pretty much every decluttering joke in the minimalist community. How many do you really need, anyway?

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authenticity calendar on table with books and plants

18. Authenticity Calendar

This little box of 365 quotes is the best pick-me-up for anyone, not just moms, but what mom doesn’t need daily inspiration?

I have mine on the desk in my office, and I’ll sometimes leave the same quote up for days, even if the date is wrong because the quotes are just.that.good.

It’s dated, but without the year, so she can use it for years to come.

19. Guided Journal

Moms might not have time to journal on a regular basis, but they probably still crave some way to capture the day-to-day.

Guided journals are perfect for this!

One Line A Day Journals seem perfect for moms to be able to capture the best of each day, and not feel pressure to write more.

Gratitude Journals like THIS minimalist-styled one could also make a great gift, depending on the mom and what season of life she’s currently in.

20. Her Favorite Pens

Looking for a not crazy expensive gift?

Get her more of her favorite, quality pens (these are mine). These are the pens she keeps hidden from the rest of the family because these pens are not worthy of being broken child hands or being lost by someone else.

Quality pens make writing to-do lists – and everything else mom needs to write – a little bit better.

If she doesn’t have a favorite, these are mine. Maybe she’ll love them, too.

white diffuser and essential oils on cake stand

21. Candles or Essential Oils

When in doubt, buy a candle. Or more essential oils for her diffuser, if she’s an EO gal.

Candles and essential oils are both consumable, the perfect gift for a minimalist mom.

They smell amazing, and essential oils supposedly have mental and physical health benefits (I mostly use them for the yummy scents). Ask around to see if you know anyone who is a Young Living or DoTerra Distributor.

22. Quality Sheets

What mom in her right mind would turn down high quality sheets?

I’m not an authority on the subject as we’ve been sadly watching Target sheets fall apart every few years because I can’t seem to justify the investment when it comes time to buy new ones.

But seeing as how you spend a third of your life on these things, it’s probably time to splurge.

Check out what The Sleep Foundation deems “the best bed sheets of the year” HERE.

sunroom with orange chair, white canvas pillow saying, "Choose Joy" and black and white ruggable rug

25. Ruggable Gift Card

When it comes to big ticket items like rugs and furniture, it’s best to get a gift card and let mom choose what she loves.

We invested in Ruggable rugs when we bought our first house last year, and so far, I’ve been impressed (UPDATE: JUST buy the runners). I’ve washed a few of them more than once, and they’ve turned out good as new.

Any room where you have high traffic and kids or pets on a regular basis absolutely deserves a washable rug.

And with Ruggable, she’s sure to find a pattern she loves.

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24. Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream

This is another gift mom might not feel comfortable splurging on for herself.

I can vouch for this amazing night cream. It’s part of my nightly skin care routine, and it makes me feel pampered every single night. Plus, it goes a looong way – one tub can easily last 6-7 months.

Pretty much everything Beauty Counter makes is fantastic.

The Counter+ All Bright C Serum is another great choice! And the peppermint lip conditioner, and the…. Can you tell I’m a fan?

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25. Quality Towels

They say Turkish towels are amazing, but we personally didn’t have a good experience. Maybe it was the brand?

If you can find someone to vouch for a good Turkish towel buy those.

(I also hear that waffle weave towels like THESE are similar to Turkish towels and are quick to dry.)

philodendron plant on shelf, binoculars and Fall post card

26. Philodendron House Plant

I was just going to say “house plant”, but really, the philodendron is the best one there is in my humble opinion. House plants are minimalist-friendly decorating that simultaneously improve air quality.

It’s super easy to care for – just water once a week and you’re good. It can tolerate low and indirect light and looks absolutely amazing after a year of steady growth.

You can buy one through The Sill, where I got my first plants, or just purchase them on Amazon (I bought THESE last year, and they were great). If you go with Amazon, choose a pot you think she’ll love to complete the gift.

Iff she’s new to plants, you could include a pretty watering can, too. And if mom’s home is tiny and/or there are very few surfaces for plants to sit, consider getting a macrame hanger to go with it.

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27. Phone Arm Band

Make listening to her favorite tunes, podcasts or audiobook while working out abundantly easier by getting her a phone arm band.

They make these for all kinds of phone sizes. When in doubt, size up.

28. Her Favorite Candy

I mean, you really can’t go wrong with consumable gifts for mom. A few of her favorite chocolate bars or bag of sugary sweet goodness that she doesn’t have to share.

Include a Starbucks or iTunes gift card if you want to make it feel like a more substantial gift.

29. Book Darts

O.k., these might not be entirely clutter-free…but I saw them on The Lazy Genius’s Instagram feed today, and I realized that they most definitely spark joy for me, a minimalist mom.

I’m honestly tired of using receipts and post-it notes to mark pages in a book, or important pages in my bullet journal.

I’m getting these book darts because we read allll the time. Maybe the minimalist mom in your life will love them, too?

Useful plus beautiful for the win.

30. Glass Straws

Here’s another super practical gift idea!

We have Grove Collaborative glass straws (stainless steel make drinks taste funny, in my opinion), but there are so many super fun companies now making unique glass straws like THIS one.

This may be a better stocking stuffer than a gift? Or pair it with other goodies.

31. A Course She’s Been Wanting

Has she been eying a pricey course? Does she desperately want to start her own business or want to take the first class to explore a new career?

Learning through courses (or books) can be an amazing clutter-free gift for moms.

32. Pyrex Set

O.k., this one may sound boring, but I absolutely love my Pyrex set! I replace all of our plastic Tupperware with Pyrex years ago, and I haven’t looked back.

If you still have plastic Tupperware, or there are fewer and fewer matches of lids to bottoms in the cabinet lately, give her Pyrex. She’ll love it.

33. Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. They are the gift that can keep on giving.

Boxes that include books, or practical and consumable items are likely the best choices.

Just make sure whatever box you choose is tailored specifically to mom’s likes and interests. That way it will be delight to receive…not dreading more clutter coming months after the gift-giving is over.

Be sure to check out Crate Joy, which offers hundreds of subscription boxes in one place.

34. Hobby Accessories

Does mom have a hobby? Accessories that support that hobby is always a great gift idea for a minimalist mom.

If she loves running, get her lined leggings for winter. If she loves knitting, get a roll of her favorite yarn. If she loves baking and her KitchenAid mixer is on its last legs, that’s a no brainer.

If it’s helping her do the things she loves, she’ll love it.

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35. Tile Mate

Last month I lost my keys for two days. And let me tell you: it’s a time suck searching for them, plus it causes serious anxiety not know where they are.

That’s why I’m looking into Tile Mates. You put these little Tiles on your keys or in your wallet, and if you misplace them, your phone app keeps track of the last recorded location, and you can “buzz” them just like on the Find My iPhone app.

Genius invention. Genius.

36. 1 Thrive Home Organizer

These organizers are just FUN. They look gorgeous and keep your family command center sharp and organized.

They are definitely Christmas or birthday gift worthy. We have one, and I love it.

Choose a style that you think would fit your space, OR give a gift card and let mom pick out her own.

37. Digital Seasons of Her Favorite TV Show

Did they take her favorite TV show off of Netflix? The one she loved to watch over and over?


But that doesn’t mean we need to go back to DVDs with scratches all over them. Heck no.

Get her a season or two of her favorite TV show in the Apple Store (or wherever you tend to get your digital content), and she’ll have it forever.

Print a picture on the DVD version cover, and wrap it in an Amazon box.

38. Service Gift Card

Has she been meaning to paint a room for forever, but she just can’t seem to get to it? Did she buy shelves to put up on the wall that haven’t been put up yet? Has she been meaning to deep clean the mud room for ages?

Give her a “service gift card”. Write what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it (this part is super important!).

She’ll love it.

39. Furniture

Furniture can be tricky, and I only recommend it if you know exactly what she’s been wanting, but hasn’t purchased yet.

Have you seen mom looking at the same stool from Serena & Lily over and over, but she hasn’t bought it yet? (Real life example – I love that stool!)

Has mom talked over and over again about wanting a porch swing, but you still don’t have one?

This is the time to make her dreams come true.

40. Her Favorite Candy(s)

Another super easy and popular consumable gift – candy. Stock her secret candy stash with her favorites.

If she’s more of a salty gal, fill a cute, practical basket with her favorite salty snacks. She’ll repurpose the basket and adore the snacks.

41. Wool Dryer Balls

Minimalist moms generally like to eliminate purchases. Throw out the harmful chemicals, too (although, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do).

That’s why she’ll probably love wool dryer balls. They eliminate the need for dryer sheets and speed up drying time.

Give her a DIY essential oil dryer ball spray, too, while you’re at it!

42. Handmade Apron

When you own fewer clothes, you care a lot more about keeping them in good condition.

Every mom I know does at least a little bit of cooking (well, not Lorelai Gilmore, but the rest of them), and I have gotten more than my fair share of tough stains – even from washing dishes!

Give her a handmade apron like THIS one to protect her clothes. If she loves it, she’ll reach for it over and over again.

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minimalist mom writing christmas gift wish list

When In Doubt, Stick to Her Wish List

This list of gift ideas is great for when you have no clue what to buy for your minimalist mom, when she truly seems to want nothing. But you’re a gift-giver, and you can’t do it!

But many minimalist moms have very specific gift lists. They take the time to curate a public wish list with the things that they want – and they make sure you know where to find it.

That wish list? It’s them pleading with you to not get them more clutter, that they’d rather not get anything at all than to get something that will introduce more anxiety into their life (yes, clutter can and does cause anxiety).

So if the minimalist mom in your life gave you a wish list, skip these gift ideas. Stick to her list.

She’ll thank you from the bottom of her heart.

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presents wrapped in brown paper and red and white striped paper, with text overlay, "40 ideal gifts for minimalist moms that won't give her anxiety"

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